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To think that even one member of my team might have said thank you to me...

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MrsSchadenfreude Tue 23-Dec-08 23:57:27

...for taking them all out for a Christmas lunch? OK, so it was nowhere fancy, just a pub lunch (their choice), but I paid and not one of them had the courtesy to say thanks. One asked "What's the damage?" and I said it was my treat and she just said "Oh cool."

Or am I an old fuddy duddy who doesn't understand modern manners (or lack of)?

I usually buy them a small Christmas gift - wine and chocolates, but was so cross over this, I didn't bother this year.

BaDaBing Wed 24-Dec-08 00:00:20

They sound like arseholes. Spend the money on yourself next year.

pinkteddy Wed 24-Dec-08 00:07:33

YANBU - what is old fashioned about saying thank you?! Just plain rude IMO. Agree with badabing! You must feel very hurt. Enjoy Christmas and forget about them for a few days. smile

BBBee Wed 24-Dec-08 00:09:15

that is rude - very rude. but you were very kind to do that.

SuperBunny Wed 24-Dec-08 00:11:10

How Rude. I'd have said thank you.

ScottishMummy Wed 24-Dec-08 00:11:48

gosh!you sound like my kinda colleagues.they are all ungrateful.dont be disheartened i love ya

BitOfFunUnderTheMistletoe Wed 24-Dec-08 00:12:40

twats- rise above it, and next year, spend it on a handbag! You sound lovely, btw...

MrsSchadenfreude Wed 24-Dec-08 00:14:30

Thank you! smile

ruddynorah Wed 24-Dec-08 00:15:02

comes with the job. took my lot out and paid for their first drink, bill came to £190. they thought it was 'on the company' errrr nooooooo us managers all paid for it. all 3 of us.

ggirlsbells Wed 24-Dec-08 00:15:12

very rude

badly brought up people

reindeercantdancethetango Wed 24-Dec-08 01:06:44

very rude! my bosses took me out for dinner last week, thanked them in person then again in email. buy yourself something nice grin

MumHadEnoughTinsel Wed 24-Dec-08 01:09:43

Yes, very very rude. If it was my team I'd be expecting much arse licking tbh grin.

After our Xmas dinner last week I even gave the MD a kiss and said thanks! shock

slavetomykids Wed 24-Dec-08 01:18:33

It always astonishes me when people are so rude.

My Nan used to say: A thank you costs nothing, but pays you back in many ways.

gagamama Wed 24-Dec-08 10:14:17

I'm sure they almost certainly thought it was coming out of company expenses, but YANBU. They don't deserve you and your kindess.

I was peed off enough that the shortbread biscuits I baked were ignored and those that did take one seemed to feel they were doing me some kind of favour. They were ace, chocolate-dipped star-shaped shortbreads which my kids were begging me to let them have. I wish I had now. angry

janeite Wed 24-Dec-08 10:16:33

That stinks. Our team leader took us out for a meal at an expensive restaurant and wouln't let us contribute to the bill, so we all chipped in and bought her a big box of hand-picked goodies from M&S, which I wrapped up as a hamper to say thank you.

NAB3hundredChristmaslights Wed 24-Dec-08 10:17:44


Don't do it next year.

silentnightplease Wed 24-Dec-08 10:25:46

YANBU - how rude!

NomDePlume Wed 24-Dec-08 10:27:24

Perhaps they thought it came out of company expenses ?

Not that that excuses a lack of thanks, though

Rookietherednosedreindeer Wed 24-Dec-08 11:01:30

Ditto what NomDePlume said. I haven't been that well but managed to go to the M&S garage on the way home from work and buy each team member a box of biscuits. Not an expensive gift I know, but some of them don't drink wine and I'm not buying 4 bottles of spirits. Got a sarky remark about it from one of them, can't remember what it was, but made me feel glad I hadn't expended any more time or effort to buy something.

dreamingofagreenlawnchristmas Wed 24-Dec-08 11:06:17

Same with my DH - but bear in mind they may not realise you're paying for it personally - he spends about £200 on champagne for his team every year, and only this year found out that they all think its some "company" thing and that he claims the money back in some way.

He doesn't!!

Nemostwonderfultimeoftheyear Wed 24-Dec-08 11:09:21

that is just down right rude and ignorant.

pagwatch Wed 24-Dec-08 11:09:22

Mrs S
I think it was lovely of you.

That happened to me once but I found out afterwards that they assumed I had done it on my company card.
Perhaps they didn't get it was from you personally?

pagwatch Wed 24-Dec-08 11:10:07

ooh multi x-posted

Rookietherednosedreindeer Wed 24-Dec-08 11:53:07

Oh feel guilty now, am off work today due to DS being unwell. Team managed to get my christmas present to me. They are all fab and wonderful and wish I had bought a more generous present for them blush. Will take them out for lunch in January.

MrsSchadenfreude Wed 24-Dec-08 12:37:12

They knew it was me personally who paid - we are public sector and have NO money for staff entertainment. Never have, never will.

Their appraisals are due in the new year...grin

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