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to be so angry at the man who has been "buying" my car for the last three weeks

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chickenfortea Tue 23-Dec-08 14:24:06

ARRRGGGHHH I was going to say "I am so angry I could scream" but it slipped out anyway.
In a nutshell, put car up for sale in paper for ridiculous price due to governments war on 4x4's.
Man rings first night, comes to see, bit of negotiation and agrees to buy. Haggle a bit over price and then accept his offer. He says, you find other car and then we can sell him ours.
So we ring him a few days later (last week) and say all good to go. He agrees and says he'll call us with day to pick up. Nothing on Saturday, Sunday or yesterday.
I chase him today and now get a call to say he is being hit with a lawsuit by his ex wife for £70,000 and can't buy our car (for much much less!!!!).
Just before Christmas as well, This means I've lost my new one as the trade in was stupid.
I could just cry sad

LadyOfWaffle Tue 23-Dec-08 14:25:46

oh dear sad Can you try Ebay? And put a reserve on it?

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