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to be pissed off that someone thinks my house is unfestive this year?

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Lotster Tue 23-Dec-08 13:46:02

There is a credit crunch on you know hmm

my house

misshardbroom Tue 23-Dec-08 13:48:15

rofl at Lotster's gaff. grin

Sidge Tue 23-Dec-08 13:49:31

Humph you could have made a bit more effort you know, credit crunch or no credit crunch hmm


Tn0g Tue 23-Dec-08 13:49:37

It's a bit...erm..understated, Lotster

VinegarTitsTheSeasonToBeJolly Tue 23-Dec-08 13:49:44

Yes, you didnt make much effort did you? Where's the 7ft blowup Homer Simpson in his christmas suit? huh?

Iklboo Tue 23-Dec-08 13:50:25

How will your neighbours know it's Xmas with so little effort on your part grin

CharleeInPantoPaperChains Tue 23-Dec-08 13:51:02

FFS Lobster its Christmas you could have at least put some decerations up, your poor children.......................... grin

Lizzylou Tue 23-Dec-08 13:51:24

S'all about the kids, Lotster, why so understated? grin

Lotster Tue 23-Dec-08 13:54:52

You should see Ned Flanders' next door, like a friggin grotto it is, so showy...

The kids will get oranges and a lump of coal. nyarr.

VinegarTitsTheSeasonToBeJolly Tue 23-Dec-08 13:56:46

Credit crunch or not, i still managed to decorate my car

Lotster Tue 23-Dec-08 14:00:30


That actually is your car isn't it?

Lizzylou Tue 23-Dec-08 14:01:36

That is class, VT

Fimbo Tue 23-Dec-08 14:07:20

This is mine. Look at all the gawpers outside it. How very dare they.

PingpingsatonSantasface Tue 23-Dec-08 14:33:12

LMAO!!! grin

PingpingsatonSantasface Tue 23-Dec-08 14:33:47

VT I heart your car its awesome.

PingpingsatonSantasface Tue 23-Dec-08 14:34:31

Fimbo I think you need more lights on your house its not bright enough. grin

Fimbo Tue 23-Dec-08 14:38:18

Do you really think so? Mmm all decs are reduced at B & Q will go look for more! grin

Lotster Tue 23-Dec-08 14:44:57

Hmph! don't be trumping me Fimbo...

(hurries back to Homebase for the 3 for 2 remains...)

Fimbo Tue 23-Dec-08 14:56:44

<<hangs head in shame>>

ChirpyGrinch Tue 23-Dec-08 15:01:22

God, you are all such moserly gits, where's your christmas spirit?

(mine's in teh cupboard next to teh Gin)

LouMacca Tue 23-Dec-08 15:47:33

That can't be your house Lotster - unless you are my next door neighbour!! grin

jalopy Tue 23-Dec-08 18:17:18

Didn't you know? Christmas has been cancelled.

shootRudolphinthehip Tue 23-Dec-08 18:21:02

Can it be seen from Space yet Lotster? <<rips off plot from crappy Christmas movie>>

If not then you still have work to do my dear! <<shoot gets all Mrs Doubtfire a the mention of crappy kids' movies>>

Lotster Tue 23-Dec-08 20:38:31


2AdventSevenfoldShoes Tue 23-Dec-08 20:42:11

smile grinsmile grinsmile grinsmile grinsmile grinsmile grinsmile grinsmile grin

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