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to be livid that b£$%^y Amazon have just emailed to cancel my Lego City Firestation order.....

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DrZeus Tue 23-Dec-08 01:11:57

as they are unable to fulfill the order. Nowhere else has any stock - Amazon were showing the item was in stock on Sunday.

Sooooo cross! angry

LadyOfWaffle Tue 23-Dec-08 01:13:02

sad I have had many half orders/orders not turning up. Def. not chancing shopping online next year.

scrooged Tue 23-Dec-08 01:14:08

The fire station isn't very good. We have one (years old). The bits are all over the house.

So sorry though. Would a playmobile one be OK?

scrooged Tue 23-Dec-08 01:16:56

Hamleys do this by the way but they don't tell you they are out of something, they just don't send your order out. I've not used them this year as they wouldn't cancel my order last year as half of it they didn't have. You have to phone them to see if they have sent your order an to make sure they have it all in stock or you'll never know and won't recieve it.

Fortnum and Mason are fab at keeping you informed.

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