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To wish that people would stop posting chitchat in AIBU, and use it only when they WANT OUR OPINIONS ON WHETHER OR NOT THEY ARE BEING UNREASONABLE??!!!

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hecAteAMillionMincePies Sun 21-Dec-08 11:26:04

Well? Am I? Am I?


Am I being unreasonable to think it's a lovely day.

Am I being unreasonable to wonder whether or not to go for a walk.

Am I being unreasonable to have a headache.



And Yes, I AM telling you all where to post.

<hard and menacing stare>

Libraloveschristmas1975 Sun 21-Dec-08 11:29:12


PuppyDrunky Sun 21-Dec-08 11:29:17

YANBU, but tbh I can't see any on the list like that at the mo! They are all refreshingly tetchy. grin

hecAteAMillionMincePies Sun 21-Dec-08 11:30:18

good. I like tetchy. grin

TigerFeet Sun 21-Dec-08 11:30:46

Oh dear Hecate, bad morning? grin

You could post a thread in AIBU - AIBU to be stroppy this morning?


theSuburbanDryad Sun 21-Dec-08 11:30:58


I quite like it - means there's less room for all those aggro posts. "AIBU to want to rip this woman's head off and shit down her neck?"


southeastastra Sun 21-Dec-08 11:30:59

rofl! agree thought i don't particularly like AIBU

hecAteAMillionMincePies Sun 21-Dec-08 11:33:15

grin yes, I have a monster of a bad mood going on and it appears I may be looking for trouble. blush grin

I just think people should post how and where I say. <pouts> wink

Idrankthechristmasspirits Sun 21-Dec-08 11:36:31


hecAteAMillionMincePies Sun 21-Dec-08 12:06:10

yeah, I know. I'm still right though. grin

niceone1 Mon 22-Dec-08 08:49:30

get over it.

mrsmaidamess Mon 22-Dec-08 08:51:46

THIS is why it should be renamed Ranters corner. Get rid of Flouncers corner, and replace.

NCRedBreastedBirdy Mon 22-Dec-08 08:53:06

YABU, it is those light hearted posts that stop AIBU from being a virtual tiger pit. A few silly threads helps stop people from lynching the next proper AIBU poster.... Ahhh - I think I am starting to see why you have a problem with it... wink

VinegarTitsTheSeasonToBeJolly Mon 22-Dec-08 08:54:18

YABU people can post what they like

Whats wrong with MN today, everyone seems stressed, is it the last min xmas rush grin

VinegarTitsTheSeasonToBeJolly Mon 22-Dec-08 08:54:20

YABU people can post what they like

Whats wrong with MN today, everyone seems stressed, is it the last min xmas rush grin

VinegarTitsTheSeasonToBeJolly Mon 22-Dec-08 08:54:23

YABU people can post what they like

Whats wrong with MN today, everyone seems stressed, is it the last min xmas rush grin

psychohohohoho Mon 22-Dec-08 08:56:14

<<whithers under hecates hard glare>>

ya know......I never do a real AIBU in that topic, cos I know if I ever did, I would melt under all the flaming I would get....



I use it for fun and chit chat, cos I know it will be seen, and I am needy occasionally and like being seen damn-it<<stamps foot>>

as you were tho......YANBU if you say sowink

FabioAddsomethingchristmassy Mon 22-Dec-08 08:57:38

lol SuburbanDryad

TinyTimLivesinVictorianSqualor Mon 22-Dec-08 09:08:01

AIBU should be renamed, I agree with maidamess, but to 'Please come and agree with me as I know I'm right and if you don't I shall flounce corner'.
That isn't quite as catchy though..

NCRedBreastedBirdy Mon 22-Dec-08 09:11:01

Do you think Hecate has flounced?

<<looks around>>

Did too many of us disagree....?

<<decides that it wouldn't matter if we all disagred, Hecate would still know she was right wink>>

shootRudolphinthehip Mon 22-Dec-08 09:15:25

YANBU- I hate all the namby-pamby 'AIBU to wash my hair again when I only washed it yesterday' threads <<yawn>>

I'm always looking for a fight though- you should try being married to me!!

hecAteAMillionMincePies Mon 22-Dec-08 09:30:52

hahaha! No, I haven't flounced! - And I don't really care! I'm just, as always, pissing about grin

<waves at nice1, just cos she's tetchy and it seems like it might annoy her> grin heehee

NCRedBreastedBirdy Mon 22-Dec-08 09:39:45

Aww, I had you pegged for a really good fight today!
I may have to follow you around to see if you manage to get one started later on...

<<dons cyber-stalk gear>>

hecAteAMillionMincePies Mon 22-Dec-08 09:43:11

you want to fight me? shock a minute ago you proposed to me....I was picking out a dress and everything....


hecAteAMillionMincePies Mon 22-Dec-08 09:44:20

whoops. It was rudolph. blush

oh eck.

I think I should go to bed and start again. hmm

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