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I've got the flu and

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ILoveBrucie Sat 20-Dec-08 21:32:22

people are being so unsympathetic, it is upsetting mesad

slavetomykids Sat 20-Dec-08 21:45:12

dh was like that when I had it last yr. Even now he still harps on about the Xmas, he had to do the 'big' clean on his own. sad
fuck the lot of 'em, I say.

FiveDollarShake Sat 20-Dec-08 21:50:05

Not meaning to be unsympathetic Brucie but if I had flu I wouldnt be able to lift my head from my pillow never mind post on mumsnet! But thats just me! There is a thread thats saying similar at the moment.

MrsMagooo Sat 20-Dec-08 21:51:12

I think that's why Brucie posted - as in a joke to bounce off the other thread wink

ILoveBrucie Sat 20-Dec-08 21:54:07

Thanks Mrs Magooo, glad someone is one the ball tonight smile

Thanks for the sympathy $5 wink

MrsMagooo Sat 20-Dec-08 21:55:43

I'm not usually lol!

psychohohohoho Sat 20-Dec-08 21:57:36

you are clearly a man!!

or, you have been infected by a manwinkgrin

ILoveBrucie Sat 20-Dec-08 22:03:08

Ha, infected by a man, chance would be a fine thing!!

I am honouring the one only great Sir B grin, who has been suffering the flu over the last 3 weeks and is a real trouper and carrying on grin

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