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to be thoroughly disgusted with what I heard on the bus today? Poss TMI

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MissisBoot Fri 19-Dec-08 17:51:54

Ex-con gets on the bus and explains in detail how to reformed ex-con how he recently had his ear bitten off in a fight and then went back and literally kicked his head in and is now planning to run the guy over.

WTF? Seriously - what is happening in this country? This isn't 'gang' culture just bloody minded violence. I felt sick to the stomach.

Rant over.

MrsSnape Fri 19-Dec-08 17:52:56

Probably all mouth. Those that talk, rarely do.

Kitteh Sun 21-Dec-08 01:51:34

Scary.. i was once on a train and some crazy lady was sitting beside me talking on her phone telling whoever it was that she had touched "their" car.. whoever their was.. and she was gonna touch "their" house when she got back.. i edged as far away as possible..

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