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to tell my parents I have nothing for their dinner tomorrow..

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beansmum Thu 18-Dec-08 19:59:25

...even though I have a leg of lamb in the freezer? They have been staying here a lot recently, which is lovely(honestly!) but more than doubles my spending on food and dog food. They are both staying again from tomorrow until mon or tues and it will cost me a fortune to feed them. Mum always asks if she should bring something for dinner and I always say no. Would it be unreasonable to say yes this time and keep my lovely lamb for myself? Does the fact that I am staying with them and eating their food for the next two weeks make me even more unreasonable?

Myrrhcy Thu 18-Dec-08 20:06:28

I think you need to take turn and turn about.

Yab bit u for tomorrow night unless your parents are happy with such short notice to contribute something

Take up your mum's offer sometimes (I think they should pay for their dog food though)

shitehawk Thu 18-Dec-08 20:09:09

She wouldn't offer if she didn't want to bring something sometimes. But maybe tomorrow is too short notice.

Accept her offer next time she makes it. But also make sure you bring in some food for some of the days you are spending with them over the next couple of weeks. It would be only fair.

thisisyesterday Thu 18-Dec-08 20:09:25

what goes around comes around surely? you'll spend more on your meals this week, but they'll be feeding you for the next 2 so it'll even out won't it?

that said, I don't think it's unreasonable for you to accept your mums offer of bringing food, but it's a bit short notice for tomorrow.

dingdongmerrilyonpie Thu 18-Dec-08 20:09:35

YABU - defrost the lamb and cook a roast dinner!!!! This is your mother!!!!! What money it has cost you will be recuperated when you eat at her house for the next 2 weeks.

beansmum Thu 18-Dec-08 20:13:32

yep, I thought I was being unreasonable! In my defence, I have cooked nearly all the food for the next 2 weeks already, except the Goose.

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