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to feel a little smug that I did a good thing for my best friend

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macdoodle Thu 18-Dec-08 19:35:39

she has been my rock it is never too much for her to help and support me even though she has had a rough time too, 3 kids and works full time!
It is her and her DH 20th wedding anniversary tomorrow - they are skint and have spent every spare penny on the kids for xmas - when I asked what they were doing she said just staying in with a bottle of wine as they didnt want to waste £50 on a meal out
I have been saving my tesco vouchers for a trip home (to South Africa) next year, so I cashed in £50 worth for restaurant vouchers to a restaurant I know they love and gave them to her tonight (she would never ever in a million years take money from me) - and she is so shocked and over the moon - big smiles on both their faces - it was soooooooo worth it
So go on am I being smug to feel just a teesny bit chuffed with myself grin

scorpio1 Thu 18-Dec-08 19:37:28

That's really lovely

Twims Thu 18-Dec-08 19:38:10

What a lovely friend.

AnyFuckerForAMincePie Thu 18-Dec-08 19:38:18

will u be my friend ?

pamplemousse Thu 18-Dec-08 19:39:17

How lovely of you, go ahead feel very smug, yanbu!!

Spidermama Thu 18-Dec-08 19:40:56

That's so nice macdoodle. What a good friend.

It feels great to give too doesn't it?

SugaryTits Thu 18-Dec-08 19:42:24

That's such a lovely thing to do!

troutsprout Thu 18-Dec-08 19:42:44

How lovely smile

flubdub Thu 18-Dec-08 19:43:59

Nice to hear somebody doing something out of the good of their heart for a change! smile

flubdub Thu 18-Dec-08 19:44:18

Nice to hear somebody doing something out of the good of their heart for a change! smile

macdoodle Thu 18-Dec-08 19:45:04

oh I tell you I have had such a crap time but this has put the biggest smile on my face She has just sent me a lovely text - such a small thing with such nice results and it makes me feel so happy

prettybutterfly Thu 18-Dec-08 19:47:12

You carry on and feel smug!

Salleroo Thu 18-Dec-08 19:47:39

You doing the babysitting too? Well done.

Sycamoretree Thu 18-Dec-08 19:49:35

Can I join in? Called my BF today who has just moved into her first owned flat and is in bed with the lurgy and surrounded by boxes. She doesn't have a dvd player and I work in an office where people upgrade all the time so I bought an almost brand new one off the company for 30 quid and send it in a taxi round to her house with some trashy mags, chocs and lemsip.....

But it didn't have the right cable with it - oh well - she can get that when she's well again!

dittany Thu 18-Dec-08 19:54:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

macdoodle Thu 18-Dec-08 20:00:34

Her 2 older ones are ok by themselves (16 and 14), the little one (7 same as my DD1) I did offer to have overnight but they are luckily both going to a sleepover party

hippipotami Thu 18-Dec-08 20:03:48

Really really lovely smile

ChristmasDisco Thu 18-Dec-08 20:05:08

well done you

KewcumbersRoastingOnAnOpenFire Thu 18-Dec-08 20:07:45

I've had a really shitty day. Your post made me cry for all the right reasons for a change. smile

macdoodle Thu 18-Dec-08 20:08:13

thanks Kew

lou031205 Thu 18-Dec-08 20:26:24

That isn't being smug, that is being delighted at the results of your generosity - truly worthwhile IMO grin

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