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to go to the emergency clinic?

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StefkaSnowAngel Thu 18-Dec-08 08:19:55

Last night I found a lump in my breast. I am absolutly terrified. I called my GP this morning to ask to go to the emergency clinic that they hold each day. It's a case of turning up and hanging around until you get seen. I did it because I just feel really scared and anxious and want to get seen asap but now I feel sort of guilty for not making a normal appointment. I would have had to wait at least a week to be seen in a normal appointment as it is difficult to get one. I already struggle with anxiety issues and I think waiting that long would just send me threw the roof with stress. I guess I am being kind of selfish - I just hope the Dr isn't too pissed off.

mrsgboring Thu 18-Dec-08 08:22:58

I think this is reasonable, Stefka. You should get a hospital appointment within two weeks. I had this scare last year (it was fine) and it was horrible, but I was very promptly seen.

MmeHereWeGoAWassailLindt Thu 18-Dec-08 08:23:27

Go. If you wait for a normal appointment then you will spend your Xmas worried and upset.

Hope that everything is ok.

PurplePillowsInSantasBed Thu 18-Dec-08 08:23:30

TBH The sooner youre seen the better but try not to panic, lots of lumps are fatty tissue or the likes but good luck.

singingtree Thu 18-Dec-08 08:24:37

Agree, don't panic but definitely go and get it checked out, no point in worrying over christmas

StefkaSnowAngel Thu 18-Dec-08 08:29:41

Thanks, I wanted to be seen before Christmas and this was the only way to do it. I am glad to hear that you were seen so promtly - I was thinking I might have to wait several weeks to be seen at a hospital.

babylovessanta Thu 18-Dec-08 09:08:02

Do it!

shrinkingassets Thu 18-Dec-08 09:14:54

This happened to me a while ago. I rang the doc's but didn't tell the receptionist I'd found a lump in my breast. She gave me an appointment for three days later. Then I rang back in tears about two minutes later and said could she find me an appointment more quickly as it was for a lump in my breast. She was absolutely lovely - asked (very kindly) why on earth I hadn't said so in the first place and got me an apopintment for later that morning. I saw the GP, then a consultant very quickly and it all turned out to be fine. I honestly don't think anyone will be in the slightest bit cross that you're using an emergency appointment - but I bet if you told them it was for a lump in your breast they'd find you a regular appointment v quickly anyway.

StefkaSnowAngel Thu 18-Dec-08 11:40:36

Thank you. He was fine. He has referred me to the hospital. He said he didn't think it felt too sinister so that has given me some comfort. Now I just need to try and put it out of my head until I get seen. Not sure that is going to be too easy to do though.

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