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... to want to take my baby to the cinema?

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HarktheheraldAnglepoise Tue 16-Dec-08 19:06:41

I really miss going to the cinema. There are baby screenings near us but they are at an unearthly time of the morning (I am not a morning person) and are for things I do not want to see. I was therefore wondering whether I am allowed to take DD to a mid-afternoon mid-week screening, which will probably be empty, and have asked on another forum whether anyone else has done this and whether the cinema allows it etc. I've only had two replies so far and they've both said that they would be annoyed if someone took their baby to the cinema, even if it was being quiet. I find this utterly bizarre and genuinely don't know whether AIBU or not. I can understand why people sometimes object to babies in pubs or restaurants, but in a cinema where you're barely going to notice it? AIBU?

TipsyFairydifferentID Tue 16-Dec-08 19:08:32

THe earlier screenings are supposed to have lights on a bit more and the volume not as harsh.

moondog Tue 16-Dec-08 19:09:06

i used to take mine when v young.Arty places were ok but had a numpty refusing me entry to one place as it was a 15.
The baby was 3 weeks old. hmm

asicsgirl Tue 16-Dec-08 19:15:31

i know more than one person who's done this. i guess as long as you're prepared to exit quickly if dd does make a racket, no problem.

personally i'd like to shoot all those people who think it's ok to eat blardy crisps right behind me. i bet they're the ones complaining about babies. grr.

KatieDD Tue 16-Dec-08 19:18:30

Dh and I went last week, thought we were the only ones in the cinema, chatted throughout, turned around to leave and there were two other couples blush I'm sure yu could smuggle a babe in arms in.

littlelamb Tue 16-Dec-08 19:20:31

I take ds to the cinema all the time. He is 6 months and has been coming with us since about 6 weeks. I take him in a sling and just bf him if he wakes up. You would really not know he was there. Tbh, we generally go to the weekend childrens screenings where it's only £1.50 for me and dd and a bit of noise is to be expected. I would of course take him out if he did disturb people, and the same goes for dd who is 4. I am hoping to take him to a daytime screening of Twilight blush on Friday. I don't see the problem with it tbh

ilovemyghds Tue 16-Dec-08 19:22:04

I have done it. Much easier with a small baby than older child. Cinema staff have told me that lots do it. Have been to afternoon screenings where there's no one else there which is great as you don't have to leave if baby cries. I have just been careful to pick films that don't look like they'd have v loud scenes/music.

HarktheheraldAnglepoise Tue 16-Dec-08 19:22:56

Thanks - I thought I was going insane for a minute. I can't understand why anyone would object to a baby you can't see or hear (and I was posting on a baby site too!).

Just checked cinema website and they are happy with babies up to a 12A certificate, so hoping to go in the next couple of days and put an end to my cabin fever!

misdee Tue 16-Dec-08 19:25:02

have taken all my children when babies tot he cinema.

i actually once took just dd3 and myself to see 'the last mimzy' as wasnt sure it was suitable for my older kids and wanted to see it to check it was ok. dd3 sat through it lovely and quietly and i was told on the way out what a lovely little girl she was and so well behjaved. she was about 18months old i think.

have taken them when younger as well.

i keep hoping the odeon near me starts doing baby screenings, as miss the cinema alreay.

piscesmoon Tue 16-Dec-08 19:25:53

I think it is fine if you are prepared to take them out immediately they cry.

blinks Tue 16-Dec-08 19:26:30

i've done it a good few times but not to non-kiddy films.

newgirl Tue 16-Dec-08 19:27:10

the only thing id be worried about was the dark and noise for baby's comfort or having to leave in a good bit! If baby is chilled then go for it!

jingleallnewjinglebells Tue 16-Dec-08 19:29:39

littlelamb lucky you - I tried it once and DS woke screaming as soon as the adverts were over and I had to leg it

OP - cinemas do allow it (well mine did anyway) but I guess it depends whether your DC would be quiet. My DS was fine at the baby screening but didn't work at all for the normal cinema

HarktheheraldAnglepoise Tue 16-Dec-08 19:31:29

misdee My local Odeon isn't listed as a cinema that does Newbie screenings on their Newbie page, but they do have a weekly Newbie screening if you look at the page for that cinema, if that helps. I have never managed to go to it though blush

DD is pretty chilled (took her to a wedding at 7 weeks and she slept through the entire thing, thank god) but obviously I'd take her out if she cried (if there were other people in there).

Might have a look into ear defenders for her (PFB!)

ChrismumMiaow Tue 16-Dec-08 19:32:29

I've done it several times, up until DS was around 7-8 months.

When tiny, he slept/fed through the whole thing. As he got older I had to pick films he would like (he loved Mamma Mia twice) as he was awake for much more of it. The only one that didn't quite work was the latest indiana jones. DS must have been around 5 months, and it was just too loud for him at times.

Give it a try, you'll be fine

littlelamb Tue 16-Dec-08 19:33:09

Jingle- ds is very chilled grin He actually is pretty mesmerised by the big screen. I was so nervous the first time I tried it, but actually I think he has benefitted so much from being used to being in his sling- he is quite happy in the dark close to me, and will happily feed quite lazily for the whole time. I know it won't last long though...

ScottishMummy Tue 16-Dec-08 19:35:27

i would go baby cinema if i were you,i would object to a baby in regular cinema if squawking and gurgling and would complain!.i would notice in being disturbed much same as sweetie rustling,talking and mobile phones

take wee one to baby cinema, reduced sound ambient lights

from odeon site
Can I take a baby into the cinema? Do I have to pay for them?
We try to accommodate babies as best we can, the majority of our cinemas will admit babies for U, PG or 12A films. We ask that you consider others when bringing your baby to the cinema, if he/she becomes distressed we request that you take them out of the auditorium. For babes in arms there is no charge, however if the child takes up a seat you will be asked to pay for a child ticket.

ben5 Tue 16-Dec-08 19:37:52

our local one has a cheap sunday morning film and it's full of kids and the whole thing is very relaxed. maybe try this out first to see if little one likes the experence before paying full for an adult movie

HolidaysQueen Tue 16-Dec-08 19:38:06

i think vue and odeon might allow you into all screenings with a baby provided you take them out if noisy. film also has to be 12A or under, i.e. film classification actually applies to babies.

My DS's first film was Sex and the City aged 2 months grin. He loved watching the ladies but got a bit restless during the discussion of frocks

HarktheheraldAnglepoise Tue 16-Dec-08 19:49:06

grin @ HQ

I can understand people objecting to a noisy baby. These women were objecting to a baby being there at all and I just wanted to know whether I was BU for finding that an odd POV!

ScottishMummy Tue 16-Dec-08 19:50:33

no problemo with quiet snoozey babies or their mere presence.i love cinema

HolidaysQueen Tue 16-Dec-08 19:54:09

if you can find a cinema that does baby screenings then that is even better - lights slightly on so you can find muslins/bottles/dummies/boobs etc., plus nobody minds about noise. my local arts cinema does this and gives you a seat for the baby - you put the baby in their car seat so they can sit and watch the film next to you

christmasiana Tue 16-Dec-08 19:54:49

there was an interesting programme on radio 4 a few months ago said that the volume levels in cinemas can be damaging to babies' ears and also that the images on the screen (even if they can't be literally interpreted) can disturb very very young children.

Libraloveschristmas1975 Tue 16-Dec-08 19:55:32

I have taken DS to several non-newbie showings at the Guildford Odeon. I try and pick the first showing on a weekday of a film that has been on a few weeks to minimise the rest of the audience. The odeon have always been very helpful and won't charge for a seat if you take the carseat to sit him/her in. If you get someone very nice at the door they will allow you to take the buggy in and park it in the disabled space (as long as no-one else needs it of course) but won't let in prams as a matter of course due to H&S. The manager said to me if Ds really kicked off early in the film to find her and she would refund the ticket.
The key to most things is just to ask
However I will be investing in ear defenders as soon as possible as I think cinema is to loud for adults nevermind babies!

Cadmum Tue 16-Dec-08 19:59:27

I was refused entry with DS2 when he was 5 days old because the film was rated 15... I even argued that since he was 3 weeks early and that the plan was to attend the movie while he was still 'a bump' to no avail.

Prior to that I had taken the older two to many cinemas as long as they were still BF so that I knew I had a way to keep them quiet should they become agitated.

I am not sure that this helps your question but I certainly don't think that YABU. I would imagine that some cinemas will allow you in and others won't.

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