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... to expect my Auntie to remember my DP's name after more than two years..

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ButIForgetMysElf Tue 16-Dec-08 13:04:08

and not just send a Christmas card to me and "Bump"? Or at least write SOMETHING to acknowledge my baby has a father?

Or am I just 38 weeks pregnant and grumpy?

Poppycake Tue 16-Dec-08 13:12:25

Maybe you're the virgin Mary? smile

ButIForgetMysElf Tue 16-Dec-08 13:14:21

Yes! That's it! I am the Virgin Mary.

I shall send her a Christmas card by return post and sign myself as that.

DeckTheHallsWithBling Tue 16-Dec-08 13:16:58

YANBU. But you have made me feel better. DP has a "tricky" surname (ie it's not anglo saxon). After nearly 4 years, most of that living together and just months before we're due to get married, most people I know, including most of my family, cannot spell or pronounce his name.

For the record, it's not THAT tricky. It's just not English.

HassledElf Tue 16-Dec-08 13:17:30

My DH has friends, a couple, who we've seen regularly over the 12 years I've been with DH. But every f*ing Christmas they send a card addressed only to DH, and every f*ing Christmas they misspell my name (never the same misspelling - variations on a theme) inside the card. It drives me crazy, so no, YANBU.

Poppycake Tue 16-Dec-08 13:21:43

Dear BVM. I wonder are there any apocryphal stories about Mary's stubborn aunty to comfort you with?!

is she old? I have old relatives who think that 14 years is just flash in the pan, but a month wedded couple would be for keeps. Is stupid, but how they are. Wouldn't let it bother me - like does he care about Christmas cards?

I am probably not a good person to comment as I have a rather take it or leave it attitude to relatives! grin

misshardbroom Tue 16-Dec-08 13:24:17

Two years ago, my DH's good friend (i.e. they were each others best men, and DH is godfather to his friend's dd) rang us to say 'We're writing you a Christmas card and I can't remember what you said you'd called ds2'.

Didn't really object to them forgetting, but thought this was so rude. What's wrong with 'To DH, Hardbroom & family', or 'To you all', or just 'from [insert name of ex-friend]'.

So no. YANBU.

ShauntheSheep Tue 16-Dec-08 13:27:58

How many people in your family? I cant remember the names of half my cousins let alone their partners. Maybe she has a mental block about names?

I rang my SIL to check the spellings of her kids names so I could get them right in their presents grin. Also had to ring and ask her address cos tho I know where she lives I dont know the number or the raod name. Dp is even worse than me at things liek that.

at least she sent you a card and remembered taht you are havign a baby.

ButIForgetMysElf Tue 16-Dec-08 13:40:01

She's 55.

It makes me laugh, really. Not a particularly big family, though we're not as close as we once were.

I'm a bit OCD about it all though, I have been known to check Friends Reunited and Facebook to make sure I've got peoples OHs and DCs names right, and now I write them all in my special address book so I can never forget.

My special trick if I'm really stuck is to send an email a couple of weeks before Christmas cards are due out, I ask after the children, and always throw in "How old are they now?" Inevitably get back "Sophie is 10 now and Ben is 4" - problem solved!

Poppycake Tue 16-Dec-08 13:54:27

I have a special address book too! smile Mostly because my sil has a squillion children with odd made-up names that I would never be able to spell without a cheat to copy off.

That's a good tip with the "how old?" email. I shall be using...

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