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to not hate my MIL?

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CrackopentheBaileys Mon 15-Dec-08 11:33:10

She's lovely.

She doesn't care if I want 'from Santa' on all the kids presents

she doesn't want me to take my baby to the pub on Christmas Day shock

She doesn't want to take over christmas

She doesn't talk about porn infront of the kids

She appears to like me too

All this in an entirely non-smug way wink

Notreallycutoutforthis Mon 15-Dec-08 11:35:17

But that's not the full story crack - has she not left your DH with lasting childhood trauma? Or is she actually working on building up your sense of inadequacy as a wife and mother? wink grin

VivaLaPotPourri Mon 15-Dec-08 11:35:31

I have MIL envy. May we swap? Mine does porny poses! grinhmm

FCH Mon 15-Dec-08 11:36:19

Mine is nice too...

NotDoingTheHousework Mon 15-Dec-08 11:37:19

Message withdrawn

CarminaBanana Mon 15-Dec-08 11:37:44

You're very lucky.

Don't let your guard down.

Notreallycutoutforthis Mon 15-Dec-08 11:38:21

Ooh Viva - mine did that too - on a charity calendar the year after I met her. Obviously had to buy a copy to annoy DH with grin

deckthegirlandboywithholly Mon 15-Dec-08 11:39:30

CrackopentheBaileys - you are soooooooo lucky!

Funny you should mention porn.....see my thread here!

Pantofino Mon 15-Dec-08 11:39:37

I've only met mine once. She seemed very nice, though DH assures me she is quite mad. I expect that she doesn't remember my name though.....or dd's probably.

TsarHumbug Mon 15-Dec-08 11:40:26

shock Mil's and porn! Goodness me!grin

Mine's wonderful too (and fil). She is an A1 grandma, lots of fun always delighted to help out and babysit. We are really lucky. She is totally bonkers sometimes and drives me nuts..but in a nice waywink.

quickdrawmcgraw Mon 15-Dec-08 11:40:36

well mine tells off fil when he scolds dcs. she says
' x, their mother is here and if there's any scolding to do she'll do it'


and she also babysits any night we want, for free, and will stay the night.

HolyGuacamole Mon 15-Dec-08 11:42:46

Crackopenthebaileys - you are so lucky envy Wanna swap? grin

VivaLaPotPourri Mon 15-Dec-08 11:42:52

Charity Calendar is a far cry from what my poor eyes were subjected to!

CrackopentheBaileys Mon 15-Dec-08 11:44:27

rofl at porny poses.

And I guess she could be filling my mind with subliminal messages detailing my lacklustre parenting, she could be plotting my demise as I type...

Somehow doubt it, she brought us round some lovely candy canes for the tree yesterday, and a lovely bow of homemade softmints grin

CrackopentheBaileys Mon 15-Dec-08 11:45:00


orangehead Mon 15-Dec-08 11:46:59

Mine is lovely too. Infact we were very close, and still are, before dh and I even got together

Gorionine Mon 15-Dec-08 11:48:36

I am happy for you, I have never had the chance to meet my MIL, I wish I had as I am pretty certain she was a great woman.
I always feel sorry for Mnetter who have bad relationshis with MIL, It must be hard for them to not feel truely part of the family and for DHs who are stuck in the middle wether they want it or not.

Notreallycutoutforthis Mon 15-Dec-08 11:48:59

Ha! She's attacking you with dental cavities!

CrackopentheBaileys Mon 15-Dec-08 11:49:13

deckthegirlandboywithholly that was no coincidence hehe

Heres some other instances of her sainthood.....

She made me and dh dinner every day for a week after dd was born

She sticks up for me over dh grin

She compliments me on my parenting and on my lovely kids

She also babysits whenever, wherever for the love of it

She buys me great xmas presents

She is hilariously funny

(I'm still not being smug wink......yet)

cookinmama Mon 15-Dec-08 11:49:30

I too have a lovely MIL last week when I had the flu she took DS to school for me and the looked after DD for the day so that I could go back to bed.

CrackopentheBaileys Mon 15-Dec-08 11:50:27

Gorionine thats sad, I'll share if you like

SnowballsintheSky Mon 15-Dec-08 11:50:54

I love my MIL too. We hated each other at first (I'm very shy and DH has the biggest loudest family in world). We had the mother of all rows at a party in the early days and I told her to back off and stop pressuring me into things. She did, I relaxed more and stopped trying to be someone I wasn't and we get on like a house on fire now. I take DD to see her every week and we have a good gossip and do lovely things together. She has never mentioned porn to my knowledge... grin

CrackopentheBaileys Mon 15-Dec-08 11:53:57

well she did tell me that is been so long wink that she thinks it's healed over, is that porny? grin

I wonder if age has any bearing? MIL is oly 49.... this is where you all go 'ahhhhhhhh that explains it'

lol at attacking me with cavities!

deckthegirlandboywithholly Mon 15-Dec-08 11:54:22

CrackopentheBaileys - Right then....I demand a MIL swap.

Right Now!!


You can have her on a trial basis of 1 month. It will be a real eye-opener for you. I can't wait to adopt your mil. My Christmas will be so much easier!!!! I will be able to leave the dc's in her care without worrying about being indoctrinated into the ways of soft porn!

Gorionine Mon 15-Dec-08 11:55:48


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