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to take the mick out of male colleagues who bring in shared food that their WIVES have made

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morningpaper Sun 14-Dec-08 22:34:47

this makes me both scornful and slightly depressed and I resort to extreme sarcasm

Only last week I was nibbling lemon cake from a colleagues WIFE.

What IS that ABOUT?


lilolilbethlehem Sun 14-Dec-08 22:37:28

not sure I get this, sounds kind of nice to me.......

wheresthehamster Sun 14-Dec-08 22:38:52

Is this in response to the other thread? grin
If so, that was my first reaction as well!

morningpaper Sun 14-Dec-08 22:39:03

It is either (a) the fact that Colleague is asked to bring in cake and then GETS HIS WIFE TO MAKE IT or (b) the idea that there are women who think "Oooh I'll make a cake for DH's colleagues!"

It is probably in the Ironing Shirts category of wifely horrors in my head...

morningpaper Sun 14-Dec-08 22:39:26

I did SEE the other thread but this was a more general comment grin

moondog Sun 14-Dec-08 22:41:01

I once did an entire three course meal for about 30 of dh's colleagues. In their office.
I was glad nad proud to do it. He doesn't cook but neither do I sort out finances/garden/erect sheds and trampolines/install computers.

BoccaDellaNativita Sun 14-Dec-08 22:41:30

Errr, years ago my husband used to make the cakes that I took into the office. And I have never ironed his shirts. grin blush shock

MP - I have to confess that when I have overcated for a weekend thang, I have been known to send the leftovers with my DH on Monday morning (he drives, and I wasn't sure that a banoffee would survive the commute to the city wink)

ReinDIORdroppings Sun 14-Dec-08 22:42:36

Message withdrawn

(and now I want to know what the other thread was please)

and 'overcated' is obviously over-catered, blush

unknownrebelbang Sun 14-Dec-08 22:44:29

The only home cooking we have in our office is bought in by our boss.

Tis lush.

The boss is a woman, but she has her husband cooking tea for her most evenings, which I guess gives her the time to bake.

unknownrebelbang Sun 14-Dec-08 22:44:54

What other thread are you referring to, though?

ComeOVeneer Sun 14-Dec-08 22:45:28

MP I regularly send dh in with cakes. In my defence I do it for 3 reasons.

1. To try out new recipes of cake and icing combinations
2. Because it helps me practice my cakes and decorating technique without turning into a fat heifer
3. It drums up business.

lilolilbethlehem Sun 14-Dec-08 22:45:47

I would make a cake for DH to take into work if he wanted one, but only because I make better cakes than he does. In the same way that he does some other things better than I do. Am not a Stepford wife, am not downtrodden. In fact work longer hours and earn more than he does. So what exactly is your point, morningpaper???

BucksFizz Sun 14-Dec-08 22:46:39

Message deleted

BucksFizz Sun 14-Dec-08 22:52:05

Message deleted

BucksFizz Sun 14-Dec-08 22:53:17

Message deleted

moondog Sun 14-Dec-08 22:54:27

BF, I get you. Totally.
It's a lovely thing to cook for people who appreciate it. smile

lilolilbethlehem Sun 14-Dec-08 22:55:35

BucksFizz, not sure what has got into MP, I read your thread and thought "how lovely". I think we should ask her to think about her OP and come back and explain why she was being so sarcastic about it.

thisisyesterday Sun 14-Dec-08 22:56:13

I have made cakes for dp to take into work before. they all loved them :D

i notice MP isn't averse to eating said cake though

TheFallenMadonna Sun 14-Dec-08 22:58:20

Meh. I make the cakes, DH mends the cars. Were we to swap, neither of us would be happy, or fed, or mobile.

Do you really resort to extremem sarcasm? How rude. You'd not get a slice...

ReinDIORdroppings Sun 14-Dec-08 22:58:52

Message withdrawn

TisTheSeasonToBeSolo Sun 14-Dec-08 23:02:23

BucksFizz, just looked at your other thread and thought I'd throw you an idea which is easy and delicious too! Bake some vol au vent cases, making sure that you only get them light brown, press the centres in and fill with sweet mincemeat, pop back in the warm but switched off oven for a few minutes to allow the filling to melt(the fats). Send them in with a pot of thick cream. Wonderful and simple to do.

lilolilbethlehem Sun 14-Dec-08 23:04:11

<<< notes mincemeat vol-au-vents suggestion for Christmas morning, with thanks!!!>>>>

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