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to think mners should read threads before posting?

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asicsgirl Sun 14-Dec-08 19:11:46

sorry but this is starting to hack me off. been reading several long and involved discussions recently and getting a bit sick of the number of people who join in going "i've only read the op but here is my opinion, despite the fact that you all moved on about 3 pages ago"


belgo Sun 14-Dec-08 19:13:24


pagwatch Sun 14-Dec-08 19:14:08

I have defined this as 'pissed bloke'.

It is as if you are all having a nice sensible chat and some drunk staggers in and just shouts something incoherent.

It is happening a lot.
annoying twats

pamelat Sun 14-Dec-08 19:15:58

But if the thread is say 10 pages long, I think its ok to just read the first and last page.

Am sometimes (over) keen to join in but cant read the whole saga. I think thats ok .. ?

traceybath Sun 14-Dec-08 19:16:31

yanbu - its as though only their opinion counts and they don't want to take part in the discussion - i just find it slightly odd and embarassing.

pagwatch - put it perfectly.

2AdventSevenfoldShoes Sun 14-Dec-08 19:17:07

I often answer the op first, so that I do it honestly, rather than being swayed by other people.
if I then find out that I am wrong(like of op then ads something) I can then post again.
There are no written rules.

asicsgirl Sun 14-Dec-08 19:18:00

lol pagwatch

i was in the pub having just such a conversation and bloke on next table slurs at us "are you psychology?"

you what love?

traceybath Sun 14-Dec-08 19:18:46

interesting advent - i hadn't thought of it from that perspective.

MrsMattie Sun 14-Dec-08 19:19:07

yabu - why should I read 377 posts in order to have my say on the OP?

Twiglett Sun 14-Dec-08 19:19:33

yes YABU because 90% of Mners now talk shite!

LoolaBoys Sun 14-Dec-08 19:19:53

YANBU. If you can't be bothered to read all the posts, then at least read all posts made by the OP, then you should at least have a clue what is going on

asicsgirl Sun 14-Dec-08 19:20:30

i see your point 2shoes. but i usually find if the thread is that long, several people have already said what i would have (and put it better to boot).

givethedogachristmaspudd Sun 14-Dec-08 19:21:42

Message withdrawn

laweaselmys Sun 14-Dec-08 19:21:54

I do that sometimes LoolaBoys, if you click on their user name and then go back to the thread their username comes up as a differently colored 'used link' and it's a lot easier to skim through and still get the whole picture.

daftpunk Sun 14-Dec-08 19:22:02

yubu....we're all busy(ish) do you think we have time to read 100's of posts?

i post just reading the thread title...don't even read the op half the time.

asicsgirl Sun 14-Dec-08 19:24:38

but mrsmattie, surely the point is to discuss things, not just have your say. otherwise we might as well just have surveys:

people who park on the pavement should be shot. agree:63%, disagree:37%

givethedogachristmaspudd Sun 14-Dec-08 19:27:11

Message withdrawn

tiredsville Sun 14-Dec-08 19:27:30

PMSl at Pagwatches definition of drunk bloke.

Hulababy Sun 14-Dec-08 19:32:12

YABU! You are trying to change the way MN has worked for years. People have always posted without reading. It is just the way it is. Change - it'll never happen! lol

Actually - have also posted just after readiong OP as it means I give a more honest answer and am not swayed by what others have said after. I then often go back and read the other posts after this and if necessary report with an update.

FantasticMissFox Sun 14-Dec-08 19:40:03

LOL I do this. Tbh I can never be bothered to read 12 pages just to answer the OP!!

MrsMattie Sun 14-Dec-08 19:44:16

Not always, no@asicgirl.

I dont want to discuss this, for example. I think the OP is BU. Not much else to say!

Beachcomber Sun 14-Dec-08 19:48:00

I very much agree with pagwatch's drunken bloke analogy. I keep being tempted to make a deaf old auntie one on similar lines.

I think it depends on the discussion that is taking place. If it is in any way controversial, sensitive, complex, etc then by posting without reading one tends to look stoopid, adds nothing to thread, can cause offense and generally makes it difficult for oneself to contribute anything valid IMO.

If it is a more light hearted thread then why not be lazy lacking in time, but the chances are your point has already been made.

TinselianAstra Sun 14-Dec-08 19:50:59

Sometimes I look at threads and think '8 pages? Can't be bothered!'

Later, on another thread, someone makes a joke, or mentions how the first thread could be in classics. Then I am

IotasCat Sun 14-Dec-08 19:56:06

Only 90 per cent , twig? Things must be looking up

juicyjolly Sun 14-Dec-08 19:56:54

Oh I am so glad you asked this question!

Yes! I do think if the subject matter is a serious question, then all the threads should be read.
I only posted a question yesterday and because a few hadn't read any of the earlier threads, they start to slag me off and presume my views are the complete opposite of what I know they are, iyswim.

Point is...If your going to start slagging someone and give an informed opionion, then be smart, read what you are commenting on, it really does help!

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