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To have no social conscience about how much toilet roll we use.......

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SmilesLikeNoOther Fri 05-Dec-08 07:57:07

I reduce, re-use, recycle, don't drive, use charity shops, never throw food away,
you name it I try to do it but,refuse to fold toilet roll origami style to be practical and economical, and refuse to teach my DD to do so.....grin.

Oh and with a family of four, a roll a day is not extravagant is it? [hopeful emoticon]

hecAteAMillionMincePies Fri 05-Dec-08 08:03:13

dunno, we get through that and more - but the kids are TERRIBLE for using half a roll and blocking the loo angry. Nobody should spend more time with their hand down the loo than they spend sitting on the bugger!

SmilesLikeNoOther Fri 05-Dec-08 08:07:33

Rofl... am nearly crying with laughter.

No offence hecate!

hecAteAMillionMincePies Fri 05-Dec-08 08:09:10


Joys of parenthood, eh? <sigh>

SmilesLikeNoOther Fri 05-Dec-08 08:12:25

Actually hecate, I am on my own in the house all day as I work from home.....blush

Podrick Fri 05-Dec-08 08:18:30

I think if you are eco friendly you actually wash your ar$e and don't use paper at all

SmilesLikeNoOther Fri 05-Dec-08 08:27:21

thanks Podrick, that thought will remain with me all day grin

Lowfat Fri 05-Dec-08 08:38:33

12 rolls last us a month - I do my shopping every 2 weeks and only buy loo roll every other shop.

Not trying to do the eco bit, it's just the way it is.

We are a family of 4, although DS still in nappies, but we have regular visitors who use a share on his behalf grin.

It's also used for runny noses and tears and occasional make-up removal.

I think toilet roll use should be a natural phenomenom and not limited by eco beliefs. But if you feel strongy get the recycled unbleached stuff to do your bit. smile

claw3 Fri 05-Dec-08 08:44:49

Family of 5 here, 6 at weekends and i get through 4 rolls a week

SmilesLikeNoOther Fri 05-Dec-08 08:50:26

so 31 rolls a month might be a tad on the over use side? hmmblush

smiles feels defence slipping......

BroccoliSpears Fri 05-Dec-08 08:52:58

A rag on a stick and a bucket of rainwater. That's what you need. Use it as much as you like and no eggy conscience.

LynetteScavo Fri 05-Dec-08 08:54:26

We through 24 rolls a month, but in my defense we use it to blow our noses as well......

SmilesLikeNoOther Fri 05-Dec-08 08:55:19

is that one each Broccoli?

sunnygirl1412 Fri 05-Dec-08 09:04:02

Smiles - it sounds like you are doing plenty to be green and ecofriendly - and I know full well that, as a parent, you don't have time for everything - so you do what you can! As someone else has suggested, buy recycled loo roll, and let that be your contribution to eco-toilet-ness.smile

goldFAQinsenceandmyrrh Fri 05-Dec-08 09:12:09

I've just bought another pack of 12 (value - well I only wipe my arse on it and flush it away grin) it will definitely last us until at least Christmas, if not into the New Year - 1 adult, 2 DS's (thtat use the toiet and a lot more sheets than they really need to) and the odd on that gets "lost" by being either thrown down the toilet by DS3, or wee'ed on by one of the DS's when they're not paying attention grin

ilove Fri 05-Dec-08 09:16:21

Theres 6 of us and 5 bathrooms and we seem to use HUNDREDS of the buggers! I have absolutely no idea where it all goes...

I wonder if they eat it???

BroccoliSpears Fri 05-Dec-08 09:26:18

One EACH shock????

Have you no social conscience? Why not just heat your house by building a giant bonfire of rangerovers in your back garden while you're at it?

CapricaSix Fri 05-Dec-08 09:27:06

4 rolls a week, just me & dd, plus dp maybe couple days a week.

Is that a lot?
I don't scrimp when using toilet rolls either.

Actually I remember when we were kids going camping with our parents & our lodger, and he was all like "You only need one square! Why are you taking all that?!" and we were like "uurggh!"

I still feel the same! grin

CapricaSix Fri 05-Dec-08 09:28:29

PS actually i don't think dd uses the toilet roll much, i keep reminding her to wipe her bum!

SantasNuttySTaff Fri 05-Dec-08 09:30:13

oh please dont ....i'm sure the way we go through loo roll there's going to be a national shortage anytime soon, theres only me dh and dd, 4 rolls seems to only last 3 days! tis ridicul..ass.

AndaPartridgeOnADustyTv Fri 05-Dec-08 09:32:42

For a family of four a roll a day is bloody good going I think. We are a family of 3 but DD still in nappies so doesn't use the toilet roll and we use a roll every 2 maybe 3 days.

Sainsburys do a basics toilet roll that is really soft and is recycled.

OblomovOYeFaithful Fri 05-Dec-08 09:39:30

A roll a DAY ?
Goodness, what are you lot doing with it wink
We are family of 3, (ds2 is only 6 wks) and we use a roll per ... week.
We do use a few andrex wet wipe thingys, but not hat much.
Shocked at you lot getting through a roll a DAY !!!

ScottishMummy Fri 05-Dec-08 09:40:41

not about social conscience its about your pampered arse's and gigantic wad of loo paper you use and your U bend groaning under sheer volume of paper. Nice

ThePregnantMerryYuleWitch Fri 05-Dec-08 10:38:28

Message withdrawn

lowenergylightbulb Fri 05-Dec-08 10:48:34

I think that you are all being very wasteful. We use one loo roll a year and bulk it out by wiping our arses with stinging nettles. There is no need for anyone, ever, to use more than half a sheet a day wink

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