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To have no social conscience about how much toilet roll we use.......

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SmilesLikeNoOther Fri 05-Dec-08 07:57:07

I reduce, re-use, recycle, don't drive, use charity shops, never throw food away,
you name it I try to do it but,refuse to fold toilet roll origami style to be practical and economical, and refuse to teach my DD to do so.....grin.

Oh and with a family of four, a roll a day is not extravagant is it? [hopeful emoticon]

sweetkitty Fri 05-Dec-08 10:49:38

I'm always shouting "two squares" at my older two. I swear they eat it as well, it's a new game how much toilet roll you cna shove down the toilet.

I feel guilty too seems a bit crazy using wads of paper to wipe your bum, don't have another solution though (SK waits for her James Dyson moment!)

AnnVan Fri 05-Dec-08 11:52:37

hehe. I recycle etc and use cloth nappies as well, but will NOT limit myself to one square of loo roll - I use TWO! [shock)

notcitrus Fri 05-Dec-08 12:06:30

I insist on nice loo roll - the Value stuff just doesn't do the job unless you use more of it.

When I first shared a house, one chap tried to make me and the other girl pay more for loo roll on the grounds we'd use more of it. We told him where to go! Besides, he used loads of hot water...

ThePregnantMerryYuleWitch Fri 05-Dec-08 12:16:13

Message withdrawn

MadMarg Fri 05-Dec-08 12:22:08

Ugh, scrimping on loo paper? Wouldn't want to be washing those pants!!!!! grin

loobeylou Fri 05-Dec-08 12:58:49

LOL at FAQ and MadMarge - Oh the joys of fishing a (usually new) loo roll out of a dirty toilet pan!!)

here (5 of us)we use on average one a day easily even if most of us out all day. But tis used for wiping spills and noses as well as bums

we use nouvelle which is recycled but does not go all bitty like the own brands

Catfeena Fri 05-Dec-08 13:28:32

Lowenergylightbulb - i spat my lunch on the keyboard. best laugh for days....thank you.

OhYouMerryMerryKitten Fri 05-Dec-08 13:34:37

<wonders whether I might be in the wrong thread posting this!>
We get through 1 roll (recycled rubbishy paper. every 5-7 days. Theres 3 of us. I'm quite sure we have clean enough bottoms.

NomDePlume Fri 05-Dec-08 13:38:43

I have absolutely no idea how much loo roll we use. I am amazed that some people have that knowledge in their brain hmm. I'd forget my kids' names if I had to remember guff like that

SmilesLikeNoOther Fri 05-Dec-08 14:08:10

Lol at you all.
I'm the one that has to sit on the naughty step for extravagant toilet roll use!
Personally, I wouldn't notice but am apparently being moniteredgrin. Am thinking of having a secret stash so I can look good but indulge my apparent decadecnce in peace!

MrsSeanBean Fri 05-Dec-08 14:30:15

Does no-one use newspaper any more? Does t'trick in our owse!

PrimulaVeris Fri 05-Dec-08 14:32:40

Oh we just have a sponge by the washbasin that re use. Just squeeze out n' rinse after use.

hecAteAMillionMincePies Fri 05-Dec-08 16:03:24

rinse? What a waste of water. You should spit on it to clean it up. grin

SmilesLikeNoOther Fri 05-Dec-08 16:12:58

OK! ew, ew, ew,

Using newspaper does make it awfully difficult to read afterwards though..


loobeylou Fri 05-Dec-08 16:24:17

Er, it might be stating the obvious here and might be TMI for those of a delicate disposition but all this depends on, shall we say, fequency of bowel movements. A family of 3 going every other day each is not going to use as much as a family of 5 each going twice a day. And for those whose LOs are still in nappies, you will be surprised how much they use once toilet trained and capable of seeing to themselves!!!! And they don't always remember to flush so sometimes the paper is almost overflowing the pan!

PingpingsatonSantasface Fri 05-Dec-08 16:29:29

We use newspaper to be precise the metro as its free.wink

PrancerDancerCupidFMVixen Fri 05-Dec-08 17:13:47

That is rather a lot to go you eat it Smiles?
<though given the choice between quinoa and loo roll, I'd happily tuck into a nice Andrex biryani anyday....>

2AdventSevenfoldShoes Fri 05-Dec-08 17:16:01

yanbu we use loads, what with reen in the house and we use if for mopping dribble on dd(sn)

pinkspottywellies Fri 05-Dec-08 17:22:03

Excellent thread Smiles grin Very interesting subject!

I'm trying to convince DH that one roll a week is perfectly adequate. It's not about the environment for me, I'm just tight wink. I do buy the nice stuff though.

prettybutterfly Fri 05-Dec-08 17:26:37


agree with low energy. OP YABU!

SuperBunny Fri 05-Dec-08 17:35:46

1 roll a day? shock

DS & I use 1 a week, maybe.Haven't really monitored. Will pay attention next time I change it.

SmilesLikeNoOther Fri 05-Dec-08 20:51:51

grin....going to make a wish that what you put on this thread comes true, he-he.....

terramum Fri 05-Dec-08 21:32:39

Dare I bring up the topic of family cloth here grin.....

...proud to say we use 0 toilet roll here! (apart from keeping a roll out for guests)

TipsyFairydifferentID Fri 05-Dec-08 21:37:12

we get through 6 rolls a month on average, including heavy usage by guests (every 2nd weekend) who have intestinal dosrders- both of them plus an 8 year old guest.

SmilesLikeNoOther Fri 05-Dec-08 22:30:14

6 ROLLS A MONTH!!!!! shock

go ooonnnnn, tell me about the family cloth [very cautious emoticon], am I going to wish I hadn't asked?

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