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to be annoyed with this sexist reading advice sent home from school?

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morningpaper Tue 02-Dec-08 17:05:38

"Until the day your daughter expresses an interest in rocket science or your son gets into showjumping, you won’t go far wrong if you try them out with these kinds of books…


* Enjoy books about their interests - especially dinosaur ones!
* Like books that are a bit scary, funny or have silly jokes.
* Often have a shorter attention span, so books you can dip in and out of may work better for them. Try comic strip books and non fiction.
* Prefer big, bold, colourful illustrations or things that can be moved or touched.
* Like reading to have a purpose, for example books that show you how to make things or tell you about things.


* Enjoy series of books about the same characters.
* Like to listen to talking books and watch DVDs of favourite books.
* Enjoy a bit of fantasy, magic and make believe – princesses, castles and so on.
* Like sparkle and glitter on the pages.
* Enjoy books that have props with them – dolls, soft toys, dressing-up clothes."


hertsnessex Tue 02-Dec-08 17:07:06


LuckySalem Tue 02-Dec-08 17:07:10


NoBiggyTurkeyHereThanks Tue 02-Dec-08 17:07:47

My daughter likes rocket science.

And glitter.

Did the school come up with that?

AlanPartridgeInAPearTree Tue 02-Dec-08 17:08:21

is this for real? What age of child was this sent home with?

are you sure this is not the results of some in-house survey they have done, ie, it actually is what the girls/boys have SAID they prefer when asked

agree it is patronising and sexist, how bizarre !!

WotsThatSkippy Tue 02-Dec-08 17:08:21

What a complete load of shit.

Miyazaki Tue 02-Dec-08 17:08:25

I think i've seen that -

isn't it the book people leaflet?

Threadworrm Tue 02-Dec-08 17:08:30

That really is shit isn't it. Might just as well say: 'Boys aren't going to read proper books so don't bother trying; girls will only like sparkly crap.'

StayFrostyTheSnowMam Tue 02-Dec-08 17:09:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

cory Tue 02-Dec-08 17:09:07

This seems to be more prevalent now than when I was a child in the sixties. I certainly read enough adventure stories and was well up on dinosaurs; didn't occur to anyone that this wasn't girly enough
<snorts at glitter on the pages>

How is your son going to get into showjumping unless someone admits that this might be a reasonable thing for a boy to be interested in? (and incidentally, aren't some of the best know showjumpers men?)

Threadworrm Tue 02-Dec-08 17:09:44

Reinforces my view that school is only about learning the mechanics of reading -- home is where they learn about books.

mrsmortenharket Tue 02-Dec-08 17:09:45

dd likes princesses, fairies and cars and football.

hatwoman Tue 02-Dec-08 17:10:07

utter load of shite.I would be really annoyed.

AlanPartridgeInAPearTree Tue 02-Dec-08 17:10:10

and my friends Y7 son is excellent at show jumping, he has bin liners full of rosettes and medals, and DD has a girl friend who hates fairies and glitter and is dinosaur mad and has been since a toddler!

DBXmum Tue 02-Dec-08 17:10:13

I think that perhaps YABU to be annoyed by this. Ultimately, it's about getting children to read and this is advice aimed at achieving this objective. You can choose to ignore it if you really feel it to be sexist. Go ahead, prove them wrong and turn the tables. wink

NotanOtter Tue 02-Dec-08 17:10:15

I am absolutley aghast at that..

you should go to the papers seriously

what hope is there?

also what happened to a love of books for books sake ? dvd's/glitter/touchy feely hmm

mrsmortenharket Tue 02-Dec-08 17:10:54

agree with comment about schools and books.

AlanPartridgeInAPearTree Tue 02-Dec-08 17:11:34

Oh, so it was not actually from the school then, was it from a book catalogue?

morningpaper Tue 02-Dec-08 17:11:48

It's on the website too

sponsored by Leapfrog hmm


hatwoman Tue 02-Dec-08 17:12:03

threadworm - I read it as "boys are going to grow up to be purposeful and practical...girls are headed for la la land..."

PopBitch Tue 02-Dec-08 17:12:05


This is mad and sexist and horrible, I'd complain.

Umlellala Tue 02-Dec-08 17:12:47


morningpaper Tue 02-Dec-08 17:13:35

> Go ahead, prove them wrong and turn the tables.

I doubt that I will personally change hundreds of years of sexism, particularly when it is still being perpetrated by this sort of crap

Daughters and rocket science - how laughable!


NoPresentsInVictorianSqualor Tue 02-Dec-08 17:13:41

Although I completely agree that masculine and feminine stereotypes are there for a reason (i.e quite a lot of them fit a large amount of us) I think this is ridiculous.
DS's favourite stories are ones I make up myself about bobby the spaceman who travels to different lands to meet fairies and princesses. DD prefers to read books about snakes and hurricanes...

NotanOtter Tue 02-Dec-08 17:14:07

dbx mum

i dont actually believe leap people are soley ineterested in getting children reading

they are keen for you to get sucked into buying their dvds etc

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