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to be sick of Facebook?

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LaMer Fri 21-Nov-08 17:13:57

I don't even use it that much, I am just irritable and this kind of thing is pissing me off:

Status updates. Eg:
Sarah has just been told the nicest thing ever
Someone comments 'ooh what was that then'
Sarah replies 'can't tell you, it's private'


I don't care what it was but this 'LOOK AT ME' shit is really annoying

and then

instead of saying

Carol is a bit tired but had better get a move on, off to the ice rink soon!

she says

Carol iz bloody knackered !!!...but hey better hurry up n get me skates on !!! rink here we cum....

iz? Fucking iz?????? cum??????

I don't have that many people on my friends list but a good half of them clearly have no interest in me, so why am I on their page? Why? Do they think it looks good to have a higher number of friends?

I am going on a purge.

Names have been changed to protect the innocent, including my own incase any of them are MNers blush though I don't think so...

CrushaGrape Fri 21-Nov-08 17:21:10

I deleted mine a few months ago - I just got so sick of it. The 'adding friends' thing got so silly - people would add me who I haven't been in touch with since school, and didn't even send a 'hello' or anything in the friend request, or subsequently didn't send a message. They want to add me as a 'friend' to bump up their numbers and look really popular, but can't even be arsed to say hi after 15 years?! Twitty twats.

Fiveplusbump Fri 21-Nov-08 17:21:47

I know how you feel facebook status are becomming the new way o be passive aggresive such as this one on my list today

"Debbie thinks people should check they have hung up the phone properly before they start bitching ,you know who you are"

" Sarah thinks spend your spare time cleaning your house instead of bitching"

Then theres the sympathy ones

"Kelly feels so sad and down"

"Brett feels like the whole world is against him"

Then the show off ones

"Mel is soooo proud of her little man who is Joseph in the school play"

"Sally is so glad all her xmas shopping is done wrapped up and hid away "


MadameCheese Fri 21-Nov-08 17:21:47

Agree entirely. I loved it at first but now it's just pants and why do people post so many pictures of themselves? Also don't want to know about Carol and her cum <barf>

Fiveplusbump Fri 21-Nov-08 17:22:49

I hate the cum slang ,my sister does it in texts too drives me mad .

pointydog Fri 21-Nov-08 17:29:15

it is tedious and self-obsessed.

Maybe not too far removed from mn wink

CrushaGrape Fri 21-Nov-08 17:30:18

Eurgh, I just remembered someone I know had as her status update, "Simone loves being married to a doctor". Barf, barf.

Fiveplusbump Fri 21-Nov-08 17:40:54

grin OMG that is so self absorbed .

boogiewoogie Fri 21-Nov-08 21:29:14

Committing facebook suicide is very liberating.

bythepowerofgreyskull Fri 21-Nov-08 21:31:35

my friend is living out her divorce through her facebook status..
I am certain that any male friends will be running for the hills seeing the things she is writing on there..

Miggsie Fri 21-Nov-08 21:34:12 is fabulously useful if you get a job application from someone, and you just have a look...and you save yourself all that effort of interviewing them!

People are wildly indiscreet and stupid on there...

pinkcandyfloss Fri 21-Nov-08 22:11:42


My dh actually sacked someone based on stuff they had on their facebook page.

Dragonfly74 Fri 21-Nov-08 22:16:46

I hate the status update thing, A male friend of mine thinks its hilarious to tell the world and his wife what sexual exploits he and his gf get up to....Yuck!!

Tommy Fri 21-Nov-08 22:21:56

Crushagrape - I am so with you on the adding friends thing. Someone added me and I vaguely remembered her but she hasn't once asked me how I am, where I live, what I'm doing etc. Every time I go on there, my page is full of what she's doing (not much admittedly) and comments from her other friends who obviously I don't know either.

I like it for keeping up and chatting with (real) friends but I'm not sure why it's there otherwise hmm

Kelix Fri 21-Nov-08 22:28:25

drangonfly74 - he tells his wife what he & his gf have been upto??! Brave fella lol

I dont mind facebook in general - its good to speak to old friends and interesting to see what people are upto.

What really pisses me off is couples eho use the same login:


David Sarah Smith
Billy Sandra Cooper

WTF?? does being in a couple make you the same person? and I jnow people who do this and are not even married.

Mammina Fri 21-Nov-08 22:30:50

couldn't agree more, it really winds me up but just can't quite make myself delete the account (apparently you can't anyway..?). Someone I vaguely remember from school (different year, don't think I ever spoke to her) friend requested me a couple of months back. I ignored it. She has now sent me another friend request this week!

bongosmum Fri 21-Nov-08 22:33:20

do you know, i have loads of friend requests from people who if i saw in the flesh i would body swerve...i'm sure they'd do the same to do you close the account? grin

ThePenguinProject Fri 21-Nov-08 22:37:30


It makes me laugh when people I would ignore in the street ask me to be their friend.

However I feel I should warn you all about Twitter. It's similar to facebook status updates but is updated much, much more frequently.

"PP is going to get lunch."
"PP is eating lunch, carrot soup, yum."
"PP has finished her lunch..." etc, etc

It's used by lots of people in the internet industries.

shouldisnitch Fri 21-Nov-08 22:37:35

OMG LaMer, did you have a blazing very agressive row with someone (me) on fb last weekend? Have namechanged as I don't want you to know who I am on here. It really can't be you as you are a mnetter, the bird who argued with me is a thick bitch grin.

TheYearOfTheCat Fri 21-Nov-08 22:59:00

Well I can smugly say that I don't and never have had a FB account.

Nor do I seem to have any friends grin

watsthestory Fri 21-Nov-08 23:00:17

Message withdrawn

MrsSnape Fri 21-Nov-08 23:02:04

There is one 'friend' on mine who's 'status updates' really get on my nerves:

"Laura is going out on the piss tonight! can't wait!"

"Laura has a terrible hangover this morning"

"Laura has decided never to drink again"

"Laura is going out on the piss tomorow night and wonders if it will top last night!"

"Laura has a terrible hangover this morning"

FFS you're nearly 30, grow up angry

bongosmum Fri 21-Nov-08 23:04:32

well, everytime i go on i do end up reading all the posts...

LadyBabo Fri 21-Nov-08 23:54:05

Woman I know put 'off to awards ceremony dinner with the Lord Mayor tonight'
Well good for you hun, but don't you realise what a self important twat you sound now?

puffling Sat 22-Nov-08 00:07:03

One person added me who not only do I not know, I don't even know if they're male or female.

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