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to ask a shop assistant to pleae explain the different mp3players to me?

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44christmaspuddingsinarow Thu 20-Nov-08 11:57:42

Went to curry's this morning to buy an mp3 play and asked for some help, the lady come over and I asked could she tell me about a particular mp3 player, she told me exactly what was written on the card (I can read) so I asked if it was rechargeable? Oh I will have to go and have a look - follow me.

Of she walks to the till where she ays to the other assistant "this customer is being hard work" hmm

Now this morning I am feeling a bit like dillon on dope - hardly a difficult customer, very gently spoken and pleasant.

I said I just would like to know about the different mp3 players - to which she told me "they pay music and you download the music from your pc and play it back through the ear peices...

Surely I am not being difficult - am I?

2point4kids Thu 20-Nov-08 12:00:43

She sounds like a cock

ComeOVeneer Thu 20-Nov-08 12:02:28

I assume she doesn't work on commission! TBH I would have taken my business elsewhere.

laweaselmys Thu 20-Nov-08 12:04:06

Guess you know where you're not buying from then!

Why don't you go to one of the bigger more expensive department stores, the staff might be more helpful and once you've worked out what you want you can always go somewhere else to buy it cheaper.

EyeballsintheSky Thu 20-Nov-08 12:07:54

Serves you right for going to Currys (in a nice way ) They are all arsewipes. I gave up going there when I waited 35 minutes in a shop full of free assistants, trying to catch their attention and they all ignored me. I'm guessing they thought woman with buggy = hard work. How are they to know I'm a geek freak and know more than they do. I'm a very easy, quick customer!

I also had a row with them when I refused to give my name and address to buy a vacuum cleaner. I paid by cash and, despite them confirming that the receipt was the guarantee they were very nasty and said 'when it goes wrong and you can't find your receipt, you'll be stuffed so don't come back complaining to us' hmm.

I never go there now.

DesperateHousewifeToo Thu 20-Nov-08 12:08:05

How rude!

Surely that is why she is there?

Would have wanted to ask to speak to her manager (but probably wouldn't have donegrin)

NuttyTaff Thu 20-Nov-08 12:10:05

Message withdrawn

nancy75 Thu 20-Nov-08 12:11:27

i would have asked to speak to the manager if i heard her say customer is being difficult - how rude. fwiw i worked as a shop manager for years and if i ever heard a member of staff talking to/about customer like that there would have been trouble! you should always complain, these shops will never get any better if you just leave it.

44christmaspuddingsinarow Thu 20-Nov-08 13:26:01

I had started in argos! where I had picked the mp3 player that I thought my dd would like for her birthday and when I got to the counter was told that they dont stock that item and most of the mp3 players need to be ordered in so it will be here next tesday... No that isn't ok I shall have to go else where.

Got outside and thought where do I go? Only place I could think of was curry's.

Anyhow I picked the mp3 player that I thought again my dd might like and was told they had it stock as it had just come into the back off the store - come back on saturday and we will sell it to you hmm

Look all I wanted to shop ask the nice shop assitant about the chiice and then give them my money not have to go back when they had unpacked or be told I am hard work for asking questions.

Went to the sony shop and they had a pretty blue one!! nice man in a nice suit sold me nice mp3 player and now I can play dillion wink

Shall shop online in future, at least I can read the blurb and not be told off for reading about the product.

But if ever a shop assistant complains they dont have a job due to online shopping...............

DD will be happy on her birthday smile

LoveBeingAMummy Thu 20-Nov-08 13:32:50

Poeple who serve customers forget that they ahve a job because of customers.....and I work in a customer environment!

onthewarpath Thu 20-Nov-08 13:54:08

Yanbu. I think most people woking as shop assistant must HATE their job or think they will get a quiter life if they are rude to you. I went to a well known rather expensive shoe retailler last week end and asked an assistant who was just stearing into emptiness if my DD could get her feat measured before actually trying shoes on DD. She looked at me and dryly said "you'll have to wait!" the is when I realised shecould probably not answer my question because she was "extreamly buisy" looking at a mum trying shoes on her DS. I left and spent my money in the shop next door and got myself a bargain in the process.

mizzdee Tue 08-Dec-15 20:25:22

Just a quick question if my mum orders and pays for something online with currys can anybody pick it up for her? She is disabled and un able to collect herself.

LittlestLightOnTheTree Tue 08-Dec-15 21:00:21

Ha ha a zombie! I was wondering why people were wanting MP3 players as they are so out of date now!

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