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to think its disgusting the people with money can get to the front of the nhs treatment que, treated in a nhs hospial by a nhs doctor

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freespiritfreedom Wed 12-Nov-08 14:43:01

i mean wtf is going wromg with this country ?

dh needs to see a consultant, its a 12 week wait nhs or if you pay, to see the same dr they can get you in, in a few weeks

its fucked up

MadameCastafiore Wed 12-Nov-08 14:44:25


Most NHS doctors also do private work and it is not against the law or wrong to have private healthcare IMO.

freespiritfreedom Wed 12-Nov-08 14:46:09

so its not wrong them that people thtat don't py or can't pay, are at the bottom of the fucking heap?

get real.

freespiritfreedom Wed 12-Nov-08 14:46:48

maybe they should be private drs in private hospitals then.

Greensleeves Wed 12-Nov-08 14:47:08


It stinks

stretchmarkqueen Wed 12-Nov-08 14:47:08

Oh dear...hmm

Callisto Wed 12-Nov-08 14:47:22

I think it is more disgusting that there is a 12 week wait for your husband to see a consultant. However, if I was paying for a consultant to see me I would expect it to happen within a week, 10 days at the most.

flowerybeanbag Wed 12-Nov-08 14:47:33

But they're not getting NHS treatment, they're getting private treatment. It just happens to be with the same doctor.

MadameCastafiore Wed 12-Nov-08 14:48:04

And its wrong for me to be able to use money I have worked for (well DH has now) to get to see a private consultant who happens to also work sometimes for the NHS?

hifi Wed 12-Nov-08 14:48:26

so how else would it work? ban private medicine?

MadameCastafiore Wed 12-Nov-08 14:49:18

And private schools?

hifi Wed 12-Nov-08 14:49:40

we always go private, that means my family and i arnt adding to these long waiting lists.

Callisto Wed 12-Nov-08 14:49:50

Also if consultants either worked for the NHS or private hospitals the NHS would be far, far worse. This way at least the NHS can keep some decent consultants who also see people privately.

pingping Wed 12-Nov-08 14:49:52

freespiritfreedom there is Private Dr's in Private hospitals.

MadameCastafiore Wed 12-Nov-08 14:50:08

And I think private doctors are charged for the time they see patients privatey in an NHS hospital they don't just get to use the facilities for free.

MadameCastafiore Wed 12-Nov-08 14:51:31

And believe me your husband would have a far longer wait if it were not for people getting private healthcare.

pingping Wed 12-Nov-08 14:52:13

They are paying to go private so in fact they are not rushed to the front of the NHS queue. Callisto is right the NHS are better having Private Dr's yes NHS patients may have to wait a little longer but least they are not paying to see the same DR.

freespiritfreedom Wed 12-Nov-08 14:52:15

yeah and thats where they should fucking well stay.
greedy bastards

its just

greed greed greed

i blame the greedy doctors

NorkyButNice Wed 12-Nov-08 14:52:52

If everyone who currently sees private doctors instead went to NHS doctors, your DH would have to wait even longer.

And without the cash injection from the private patients (and the fees the doctors pay to use the NHS facilities), the hospitals resources would be stretched even further.


Kewcumber Wed 12-Nov-08 14:53:01

but they are being treated by a doctor in his private time, who is paying for any NHS facilities she/he uses, they aren't NHS.

The NHS list is separate you join it and work your way up as the people above you are seen, the private paying patients don't at the top of the list, otherwise no NHS patients would ever get to the top of the list. THey're separaate lists.

The NHS can't afford to have everyone who needs to see a consultant seen immediately. Or you'd be paying significantly more tax than you do, they need to prioritse as best they can the most urgent cases.

I know it doesn't always work and its not nice that some people can afford to but flexibility but having more money does ease a few paths in life.

stretchmarkqueen Wed 12-Nov-08 14:54:10

I like the NHS, we are lucky. Very lucky.

Callisto Wed 12-Nov-08 14:54:30

Why shouldn't a doctor (who spends years and years training) not earn lots of money. You sound as though you'd be happier living in a socialist state where everyone earns the same regardless of skill or experience.

MadameCastafiore Wed 12-Nov-08 14:55:53

Who should stay where?

If there isn't another doctor who can see your husband why does a private clinic in an NHS hospital bother you - as I have said the NHS isn't just letting that doctor use the facilities for free.

And those bloody greedy doctors - train for feck knows how many years, work like trojans, do a job with huge amounts of risk (not many other things you can do that could cause the death of someone if you fuck up!) and then not be able to increase their earnings by doing private work in their own time.

Bring on communism - same rules for all fuck how hard you have worked.

DrNortherner Wed 12-Nov-08 14:57:01

YANBU it stinks.

Private practice is all very well, but when it utilises NHS doctors, in NHS buildings using NHS facilities it STINKS.

freespiritfreedom Wed 12-Nov-08 14:57:43

well if the drs where not doing private work, they would be more nhs dr's

and don't get me started on oh but we worked hard for our money, well don't you realise some people who have less money, work just as hard if not harder

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