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to think its odd how some mums get dressed up to the nines for going to toddler group?

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sneekychanger Tue 11-Nov-08 14:05:31

a couple of mums in the group had knitted dresses on and knee hign high heel boots.
not exactley preactical for playying with toddlers is it?

one of them had her hair all tonged curly and full make up.

i wonder how long it takes them to get ready/made up in the am.

ohIdoliketobebesidethe Tue 11-Nov-08 14:07:06

My dh and I were wondering how women find the time to do it last night. Presumably they do it instead of MNing?

sneekychanger Tue 11-Nov-08 14:08:21

they must just get up extra early.

DarrellRivers Tue 11-Nov-08 14:08:53

Nothing wrong with making an effort with your appearance, and it is not a crime is it

I make an effort with my clothes and love fashion, but it takes very little time and doesn't detract from being a mother
Live and let live

notnowbernard Tue 11-Nov-08 14:09:19

Maybe they dress like this all the time?

Why should you stop making an effort to do hair and make-up etc when you have dc?

nailpolish Tue 11-Nov-08 14:09:21

if it makes them feel better then leave them alone

what exactly is wrong with that?

being a frump would depress me

IneedacleanerIamalazyslattern Tue 11-Nov-08 14:09:56

I know a few mums who go about like this all the time. I don't tend to dress up to the nines but I do straighten my widly curly hair and put on a bit of make up every day it makes me feel nicer and more presentable for the day. I don't really have a hugely wild social life either so why should I save making myself look nice for the rare occasion I go anywhere?
Also toddler groups ARE some womens social life and the only time they mix with any other adults so I think YABU.
I was actually inspired to make a bit more of and effor by one of my friends who always has her hair done and is dressed nice and at the time I was a bit shattered and a bit slobby and though hell why shouldn't I put on my nice clothes every day rather than them sat in the ironing pile wardrobe doing nothing.

pamelat Tue 11-Nov-08 14:10:02

Let them get on with it.

It isnt me but I would like it to be.

Some people feel a lot better about themself if they are "ready". It could be the social highlight of their week.

DrNortherner Tue 11-Nov-08 14:10:44

FGS why is it odd that some women take pride in their appearance when they become a Mother?

Or should we all wear high wasited man jeans, a fleeca and crocs the moment we leave the delivery unit? hmm

pamelat Tue 11-Nov-08 14:10:54

I might wear a dress to my toddler morning next Tues, its inspirational!

nailpolish Tue 11-Nov-08 14:11:07

reminds me of a question FIL asked me when i had dd1
he wanted to know if i was going to cut my hair because having long hiar is so impracticall when you are a mother


yes and will throw away all my make up and high heels and buy elasticated jeans , fleeces and trainers

pagwatch Tue 11-Nov-08 14:11:08

oh do sod off.

I wear make up all the time because I had acne when younger and it makes me feel better.
And my first slide into acute depression is always when I stop caring how i look so I try to make an effort to keep me on the straight and narrow - as it were.
Does it matter. Really?

<< pag still pissed off after sndye 'oooh I didn't know it was a fashion show' comment from woman at school recently>>

Callisto Tue 11-Nov-08 14:11:13

Don't think it's odd at all. Slapping a bit of make up on and wearing nice clothes doesn't take much effort. I nearly always wear heels (albeit fairly clumpy 'practical' ones for daytime) but it doesn't stop me from crawling around on the floor with DD. I've also got a friend who is the most yummy of mummy's (model with long, blonde hair). She always looks gorgeous and well-dressed and she is also the most hands-on mother I know.

lulumama Tue 11-Nov-08 14:11:16

well, i guess you would hate me too

i always had done hair, make up, nice clothes on.

made me feel better, and when i had PND after DC1, i could pretend i was fine

having lipgloss and a dress on did not stop me playing with my DCs

what a mean spirited post

if you dress down and don't make an effort you ahve let yourself go, if you do yourself up, you are getting in the neck anyway

damned if you do, damned if you don;t

TheMadHouse Tue 11-Nov-08 14:11:53

I had on a skirt and boots this morning for toddler group, but I dont have to get on my hands and knees anymore.

I would love to have the figure for a wool dress and boots. I would dress up all the time.

Some people take more pride in their appearance. I am just a lazy slattern grin

theinsider Tue 11-Nov-08 14:11:59

There're not "dressing up", this is how they present themselves all the time.

PS, Nice name.

BoccaDellaVerita Tue 11-Nov-08 14:12:45

I used to go to toddler group in some of what until fairly recently had been my kick-ass career woman clothes. Recycling, innit?

sneekychanger Tue 11-Nov-08 14:12:49

yes but high heels and toddlers is a bit dangerous really tbh

lulumama Tue 11-Nov-08 14:13:02

i do like crocs though grin

DrNortherner Tue 11-Nov-08 14:13:51

Why are heels and toddlers dangerous?

denbury Tue 11-Nov-08 14:14:11

i don't see the point of going ott esp as the toddler group i went to this morning involved painting,glue,glitter,jelly,water and playdough. thank god for washing machines!!!!!!!

nickytwotimes Tue 11-Nov-08 14:14:14

I put on my good clothes for Toddler group because it is the highlight of my week!

mabanana Tue 11-Nov-08 14:14:26

Dangerous?? PSML!
OK, they might be 'dangerous' if the toddlers are wearing them, but I think as a grown woman I can manage the risk.

nailpolish Tue 11-Nov-08 14:14:26

oh yes they should have a bin at the maternity unit for all mothers to throw away their heels once baby is born

DarrellRivers Tue 11-Nov-08 14:14:40

chairs are dangerous if you look at them in that light OP hmm

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