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to be fed up with dull boys clothes?

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goldilocksandmylittlebear Sat 08-Nov-08 19:48:23

Its so frustrating walking into shops full of bright, lovely girls clothes only to find the boys and dull!

Why can't boys have bright colours too?

I have found a few great ranges but its costs a bomb!

'Me Too' is great and Molo.

Anyone else having the same problem?

asdmumandteacher Sat 08-Nov-08 19:49:19

I know what you mean...go into Next and what lovely girls clothes - hunt for any boys thingssad

girlylala0807 Sat 08-Nov-08 19:50:04


Have you tried Sainsburys, I thought there stuff was great. Also h and m and zara are good.


EggyChick Sat 08-Nov-08 19:50:23

Yes! Dull, dull, dull. I wish I were talented enough to design my own!

TeenyTinyTorya Sat 08-Nov-08 19:50:58

I have the same problem. Primark is quite good for colours, but I find that ds's wardrobe is mostly sludge brown, green and blue. I did manage to shrink my multi-coloured stripey hat in the wash though, so he wears it now!

NattyTomAndEllen Sat 08-Nov-08 19:52:22

YES! all the cheap shops do crap boys stuff.. so unless i wanna kit my son out in clothes that cost more than my whole wardrobe theres nothing!
its not fair!
lets bring out our own clothing range

scaryfucker Sat 08-Nov-08 19:53:45

try zara for boys

NattyTomAndEllen Sat 08-Nov-08 19:53:46

and grey TTT, dont forget dull and dirty looking grey EVERYWHERE atm.. god! i might buy white t shirts and tie dye them just for the hell of it!

cmotdibbler Sat 08-Nov-08 19:55:15

John Lewis is pretty good - DS was arrayed in turquoise and red today, combined with turquoise striped leggings from Stardust.

I am depressed by the manky choice too, as I don't like t shirts with slogans that are negative, or camoflage/army themed stuff.

Umlellala Sat 08-Nov-08 19:55:51

Yeah, funnily enough I used to think that the other way when shopping for dd. Dd wore lots of 'boys' clothes and ds (4 months) wears lots of girls clothes! There is no law to say boys can't wear the pink, bright and flowery stuff.

Umlellala Sat 08-Nov-08 19:57:10

PS I have just done a purple dye too - ds's tie-dyed babygro matches my bra! grin

SoupDragon Sat 08-Nov-08 19:57:51

"bright, lovely girls clothes" No, it's usually a bunch of shite impractical cr*p in pink.

NattyTomAndEllen Sat 08-Nov-08 19:59:07

lol, i put my daughter in purple tie dyed babygrows too how funny!!

nickytwotimes Sat 08-Nov-08 20:01:00

H&M have some really funky boys stuff. About the same price range as Next, but far more exciting.

flimflammum Sat 08-Nov-08 20:01:14

Totally agree. I want to get DS (3) a rainbow-stripey jumper. It's all very well them wearing muted blues and greys when they're 12, but when they're little, what's wrong with bright fun stuff? And I hate slogans too. We end up getting some stuff for DS from Gap, but it's a bit American for my taste (and not cheap).

christywhisty Sat 08-Nov-08 20:05:41

La redoute and vertbaudet do lovely boys clothes and now DS is older I have found Debenhams quite good.

goldilocksandmylittlebear Sat 08-Nov-08 20:08:54

Toby Tigar do great strips Flimflammum!

One Me Too seller:

I think we need a prostest against grey!

Stefka Sat 08-Nov-08 20:16:15

YANBU!!!! This infuriates me too. I went into Azda recently to try and get some cheap clothes from DS as I can't afford to buy from places like John Lewis. I kid you not - four rows of really lovely girls clothes and one line of brown/dark blue totally not attractive clothes for boys.

There is a real opportunity for someone out there to make affordable and colourful clothes for boys.

4madboys Sat 08-Nov-08 20:34:23

i am another one that tie dyes clothes for my boys

i tend to get them clothes from h and m as they have some nice colours, i have some lovely orange cords for ds4 from their. i had a look in zara the other day and wasnt impressed.

i also have a toby tiger outfit for the baby but it wasnt cheap.

tis very annoying.

llareggub Sat 08-Nov-08 20:36:39

John Lewis is pretty much the only place where I can find boys clothes that I like. We get a lot handed down to us from a variety of places so I don't have to buy too much at all.

Gap at the moment is truly dire, I think.

TeenyTinyTorya Sat 08-Nov-08 20:39:13

I have to agree SoupDragon, girls' clothes can be equally appalling, but in a differnt way. I can't stand bright migraine inducing pink.

Stefka my local Asda is exactly the same, the boys have very little choice. I knit a lot of bright coloured jumpers!

cupsoftea Sat 08-Nov-08 20:45:27

Agree with h&m - have got some super colourful clothes

cupsoftea Sat 08-Nov-08 20:46:22

also - but just windowshop!

AnarchyAunt Sat 08-Nov-08 20:50:15

Rainbow Babies - ignore the 'babies' bit, they go up to 6yrs.

And H&M are fab too.

KatieDD Sat 08-Nov-08 20:59:12
These are lovely

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