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To wish DH would just leave me alone, for one day?

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CarmerKharma Mon 03-Nov-08 14:14:05

DH has just been to the shop. I asked him to buy some chocolate biscuits of some kind so he came back with penguins.

I know it sounds trivial but he does this kind of thing all the time, really small, subtle things that are designed to wind me up but are SO subtle that if I moan it sounds like I'm losing my marbles to anyone else.

Like bread, I asked him to buy some bread and he came back with white bread. I can't eat white and he knows this.

A while ago I asked him to get me a magazine to read (he knew what I meant) and he came back with a TV guide thing.

Writing this down just sounds so stupid but it's a passive aggressive thing, he does things DELIBRATELY to annoy or wind me up but why??

BroccoliSpears Fri 07-Nov-08 16:30:22

Just to get back to OP (sorry).

I can understand why you feel hurt by his crap choices; sometimes I ask dh to bring home something for lunch. He invariably brings me quiche, which I can't eat. If I did this to him it would be passive aggressive because an important part of the way I love and care for my family is by knowing what everyone likes to eat, what they don't like, what everyone's favourite things are etc. Dh simply doesn't think in that way. I know my dh loves me very much and he has stood in the shop and thought "ooh, quiche is vegetarian, I'll get that for Broc". It really doesn't mean he's getting at me. My dh is an intellegent, thoughtful and loving husband, he just thinks in a different way to me.

morningpaper Thu 06-Nov-08 19:44:53

Do you think this entire thread was cunningly devised by the Saatchi Penguin Marketing Team?

captainmummy Tue 04-Nov-08 11:49:40

You lot make me feel ill.

falcon Mon 03-Nov-08 20:00:05

No it doesn't, so long as you get it in your mouth quickly enough.

MmeLindt Mon 03-Nov-08 19:54:18

Doesn't the caramel melt everywhere and make a terrible mess though? A kitkat is messy enough but a twix.

retiredgoth1 Mon 03-Nov-08 19:52:02

....I have doubts about my ability to generate sufficient negative pressure to elevate a column of tea through a (presumably de-ended) twix.

I salute those who can.

The caramel would not, I think, be a problem, as I imagine the fluid would travel solely through the biscuit base...

falcon Mon 03-Nov-08 19:49:17

No it works very well actually, but the actual sucking can last only a second or two before it will collapse. That applies to most biscuits.

thegreatscooscreamy Mon 03-Nov-08 19:46:21

How can you suck tea through a twix?The caramel gets in the way surely?It would be too viscous to allow the more runny tea through..

falcon Mon 03-Nov-08 19:40:08

Twixs are also very good for the purpose.

MmeLindt Mon 03-Nov-08 19:39:06

You can sook tea through a kitkat.

Bite off one end, dip in tea and sooook

Go on, try it.

Off to raid DD's trick or treat bag, sure I saw some kitkats in there

falcon Mon 03-Nov-08 19:29:50

Tim Tams.

You are supposed to bite the corners off but I just take a bite from the top and bottom, place in tea and suck, then shovel in mouth, you have to do it quickly.

retiredgoth1 Mon 03-Nov-08 19:25:25

...I am puzzled as to the precise mechanics of slurping coffee THROUGH a biscuit, whether it be a Penguin, or those bizarre antipodean things (Wig-wams?) mentioned earlier...

compo Mon 03-Nov-08 19:20:38

oh god I really want a penguin to slurp coffee through now grin

LurkerOfTheUniverse Mon 03-Nov-08 19:13:46

we need to sub-catagorize


i) dunking biscuits
ii)biscuit bars

clumsymum Mon 03-Nov-08 19:10:51

Go on, google mcvities penguin. what are the first 2 results?

And what about this link ??

And I'm sorry OP, but you come over as a spoilt brat.

LurkerOfTheUniverse Mon 03-Nov-08 19:09:31

ok, biscuit bar, i concede defeat

biscuit bars are not for dunking

and certainly NOT jaffa cakes you freaks

slayerette Mon 03-Nov-08 18:58:19


Either appreciate the fact that he tries to do things for you without moaning about the result or do these things for yourself!

If DH goes to the shops, I would always specify exactly what I wanted - type of biscuit (down to plain choc digestives never milk), type of bread, name of magazine.

And I'd either help him fix the washing line or do it myself so that it was as I needed it. Similarly, I'd go out and choose the lamp thingy myself too if I knew I had a particular one in mind. Why do you leave things to him if you don't like the result??

squeaver Mon 03-Nov-08 18:51:17

The oracle has spoken. Thank you falcon.

falcon Mon 03-Nov-08 18:50:54

Perhaps a biscuit bar, I could allow that but biscuit bars are not chocolate bars.

falcon Mon 03-Nov-08 18:50:13

I have here a copy of 'A Nice Cup of Tea and A Sitdown'

In the book Penguins are repeatedly referred to as 'biscuits'not chocolate bars.

VictorianSqualor Mon 03-Nov-08 18:46:55

From tesco.

P..P..P...Pick up a...

Milk Chocolate covered Biscuit Bars filled with Chocolate Cream.


Britian's favourite sandwich biscuit bar.

People have p-p-picking up Penguins since 1932, and today Britain pecks its way through 430 million of them every year. But the question everyone asks is, how come they've called Penguins? Well, a biscuit this good has to be named after something a bit special. And when you can reach over a metre tall, swim at 30 miles an hour and go tobogganing on your tummy, you're a pretty cool bird. In fact, the only thing a penguin can't do is fly. And spookily enough, neither can Penguin bars. So does that mean Penguins and penguins have lots in common? Not really. Just don't try keeping the wrong kind in your lunchbox.

Biscuit bar and sandwich biscuit bar. Not just 'biscuit'.

squeaver Mon 03-Nov-08 18:43:26

Well I would call those a chocolate biscuit too but would be more specific. Chocolate Hob Nobs are Chocolate Hob Nobs (like digestives). Bourbons are bourbons. They are a subset within the Chocolate Biscuit group.

Where's a Venn diagram when you need one?

And who the hell ever talks about a "sandwich bar" ffs???

VictorianSqualor Mon 03-Nov-08 18:43:17

Of course they are. They come wrapped together.
As if it should need to be questioned.
Hobnobs are the SAS of dunking biscuits.

falcon Mon 03-Nov-08 18:39:27

Chocolate hobnobs are quite clearly biscuits.

MmeLindt Mon 03-Nov-08 18:39:21

Retired Goth

Jaffa cakes can be dunked, it makes them lovely and soggy. You do have to be careful not to dunk too long as otherwise you have Jaffacaketea.

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