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In wanting to host christmas for my in laws this year?

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Dibsie Mon 03-Nov-08 11:09:53

We tend to take it in turns and this year, strictly speaking, is our turn to host the boxing day meal. This meant that, for the first time in three years, we would be able to spend the whole of the festive period in our own home without having to decamp to either MILS or SILs houses. When DH broached the subject with MIL last night he was asked 'does she have room?'

I know we don't live in a mansion (but then, neither do they?!) but I'm sure we can accomodate them for one day, we have done before. We don't have room for them to stay over but then my in laws don't like to stay away from home anyway!

AccidentalMum Mon 03-Nov-08 11:13:23

YANBU. We have a hoohah every year re going to PILs for days on end at Xmas...I am insisting one hosting next year. Do you live far away though? My PILs don't drive in the dark so can be tricky in December.

Dibsie Mon 03-Nov-08 11:29:22

We live 45 mins to an hour's drive away from MIL and a couple of hours from SIL. No problems with any of them driving in the dark as far as I'm aware.

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