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to send my kids to play upstairs when they have only been up an hour?

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SmugColditz Sat 01-Nov-08 08:26:40

They are seriously bustin ma swede. Lost of silly noises, loud squeaking, odd shouty exclamations (from ds1) and it's too early for all that.

So they are demolishing their room insteadf.

Nemoandthefireworks Sat 01-Nov-08 08:29:15

ohh not unreasonable at all
would send mine if dh wasnt in bed...has been a LOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGG night in the nemo household

SmugColditz Sat 01-Nov-08 08:34:55

The funny thing is, they don't consider themselves banished. It's a big treat to them.hmm ANd to me!

zookeeper Sat 01-Nov-08 08:43:31

why did it take you that long? grin

KeepInMyImagination Sat 01-Nov-08 08:49:17

SM please could you send me to my room...please please please

(see AIBU to know why grin)

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