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....To write a letter of complaint to a cookware shop after DD cut her hand on a KNIFE ?

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NomDePlume Thu 30-Oct-08 11:40:59

DD and I have just been into town to buy a few bits and bobs to make halloween biscuits. We went into one store (Cook Shop, I think they are national chain) to look for some halloweeny biscuit cutters. The shop is a little over stocked and it is a bit of a nightmare to navigate due to narrow aisles etc.

Anyway, DD knows not to touch things, I'm forever telling her, but alas she is 6 and therefore most of the time it goes in one ear and out the other.

Most of the sharp knives in this store are kept in cases and are therefore not a risk, but there is a display rack running down the middle of store which is at waist height. In this open rack there are alsorts of things, peelers, wine stoppers etc. Unbeknownst to me there are also knives, sharp knives, blade of about 5". These knives are very brightly coloured and they do have pull off knife guards (which is something I suppose).

Before I have a chance to even spot what she is doing (we are walking in single file in the shop and she is right behind me), she had whipped a knife out of the display and took the guard off to see what it is. Blade slices the heel of her hand, cut is not deep but it is bleeding.

Staff member spots us and asks if DD is ok. I say she is fine but could we have a tissue/plaster or something. Staff member goes off to find first aid kit and accident book. Whilst she is away another staff member at the till says nonchalantly 'Oh a little boy did the same thing a few days ago'. I was a bit gobsmacked at that one, then she went on to say 'It's so difficult for them [the children] to resist, what with them being bright colours'. By this point I am angry & shock

I know that as her mother I am partly responsible but AIBU to think that the staff are stupid/negligent to put sharp, brightly coloured (therefore bound to grab the attn of a small person) at child height ? Especially given that another child did the same thing and the staff did feck all to move the knives out the reach of littlies ?

NomDePlume Thu 30-Oct-08 11:42:35

sorry meant to say

", brightly coloured (therefore bound to grab the attn of a small person) objects at child height ?"

WorzselMummage Thu 30-Oct-08 11:42:36

You too your child in to a knife shop its your job to watch her imo.


RubyShivers Thu 30-Oct-08 11:42:37

it sounds very dim, especially if it has happened before

not sure what H & S law is but surely common sense would dictate knives and blades aren't within easy reach of anyone, never mind children

WorzselMummage Thu 30-Oct-08 11:42:51

you took

NomDePlume Thu 30-Oct-08 11:44:02

So they were not tempting fate by diplaying the knives in this way, Worzel ?

BandofMothers Thu 30-Oct-08 11:44:57

I think I might have pointed out, and probably not very politely either, that they probably should have moved them then before it happened again.
Stoooopid bloody woman

2point4kids Thu 30-Oct-08 11:45:07

I expect she just said that about another boy doing it to make you feel better for not watching your DD and not stopping her doing it..

You cant really complain imo

noonki Thu 30-Oct-08 11:45:29

sorry - I think it is your responsibility, at six she should know not to touch the blade of a knife. shopo should probably look into it, but as a parent more important that you teach her not to touch knifes on the blade.

Hope that she is ok though smile

NomDePlume Thu 30-Oct-08 11:45:54

2 point4, I saw the accident book, the child was in there. It was not a made up incident to 'make me feel better'

BandofMothers Thu 30-Oct-08 11:46:07

It wasn't a knife shop, it was a cook shop. I would not expext knives to be displayed at child height, and would expect them to be moved after a child cut themselves, wouldn't you Worzel, perhaps if it were your child????

NomDePlume Thu 30-Oct-08 11:46:33

noonki, the knife had a bright plastic blade guard so it prob did not look like a knife to her.

hatrickortreat Thu 30-Oct-08 11:46:54

Message withdrawn

GypsyMoth Thu 30-Oct-08 11:47:05

why is it the staff are stupid?? they do their job,which is to sell products. point of sale material and its placement will probably come from head office or management. so not up to the staff to move it.....but they could inform management that its a problem to small children.

your child......your responsibility. sorry

RubyShivers Thu 30-Oct-08 11:47:14

i think the fact there had already been an incident should have alerted the shop to an issue

WorzselMummage Thu 30-Oct-08 11:47:27

If they were at 2 year old level then i'd understand your complaint but at 6 she realy should have known better and without meaning to be rude if you thought she didnt know better you should have been watching her better... most peoples kitchen sides/drawers are at perfect 6 year old hight.

Lizzylou Thu 30-Oct-08 11:47:32

I have two boys, if I took them into a shop like that (they are 4.7 and 2.7) how the hell could I watch both of them and shop?

I think it was completely irresponsible for the knives to be on display so low down.

I would write the letter of complaint, I'm sure it must be against Health and Safety guidelines.

NomDePlume Thu 30-Oct-08 11:48:31

Thank you BoM.

As I said, all the other knives with sharp blades are displayed in cases or at the very least above head height so an adult would have to reach a little to get at them.

I do recognise that I am partly responsible for the accident but I do not think that the store is wholly absolved of blame here.

NotDoingTheHousework Thu 30-Oct-08 11:48:53

Message withdrawn

GypsyMoth Thu 30-Oct-08 11:49:25

all shops can be many of us have almost tripped over the sample toys lying around the floor of elc!!????

memoo Thu 30-Oct-08 11:51:14

They shouldn't have knives out like that.

But it is 100% your responsibiltiy to supervise you DD so YABU,

twinsetandpearls Thu 30-Oct-08 11:51:17

I think it is irresponsible of the shop.

hatrickortreat Thu 30-Oct-08 11:52:12

Message withdrawn

Simplysally Thu 30-Oct-08 11:52:31

Write anyway as the merchandisers may not have thought about curious children. FWIW, I give my DD(8) "death and destruction" threats about looking with her eyes not her hands, before we enter a shop, esp if it sells china glassware etc but that doesn't absolve the shop entirely of responsibility. They're inviting you in to browse after all, so it should be a safe environment.

Hope your dd's hand gets better soon.

NomDePlume Thu 30-Oct-08 11:54:20

'It's so difficult for them [the children] to resist, what with them being bright colours'.

It's that line that gets me the most. If they KNEW that why didn't they move them ?

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