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To get fed up with friend and her fat kid

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GhostlySinCity Wed 29-Oct-08 20:44:36

Ok, title delibrately nasty because I'm feeling a little temperamental.

But earlier on I was looking for some school trousers for DS and my friend fumed "oh! it's alright for you ... you can just get your kids cheap clothes from asda! I have to pay a fortune my DD's from BHS!" hmm She whinges like this everytime I buy my kids anything because as mine are thin, I can buy them clothes from more or less anywhere. Her kids are overweight so apparantly it's harder to find clothes and they tend to cost more.

Hardly my ffing fault is it?! and maybe I'd have a bit of sympathy if she didn't then walk across to asda and buy a shit load of family sized chocolate bars for her kids for later!

Dropdeadfred Wed 29-Oct-08 20:46:38

are you serious?

Dropdeadfred Wed 29-Oct-08 20:47:33

this is your friend and her child you are talking about?

watsthestory Wed 29-Oct-08 20:47:46

Message withdrawn

NumberFour Wed 29-Oct-08 20:48:44

(And I am fat!)

singyswife Wed 29-Oct-08 20:49:12

omg she needs to get a grip. What is she doing to her children. I would be annoyed too. You did well to keep your mouth shut.,

Cauldronfrau Wed 29-Oct-08 20:49:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

rightorwrong Wed 29-Oct-08 20:50:24

I would be annoyed at her on her childrens behalf if the reason they are fat is because she feeds them shite.

watsthestory Wed 29-Oct-08 20:50:41

Message withdrawn

Reallytired Wed 29-Oct-08 20:51:43

Thats strange, ASDA clothes are usually very generously cut. ASDA clothes are ideal for over weight kids, Tesco clothes are brilliant as well if your child is a bit tubby. The trousers have enough elastic to reach the moon.

In my painful experience going someone expensive and middle class like Marks and Spenser to buy clothes is more a nightmare if you have a fat child.

Or maybe my son is not quite as fat as your friend's. He is getting less and less fat all the time, but it takes quite a lot of months to get a child to reach a healthy weight without risking problems.

GhostlySinCity Wed 29-Oct-08 20:52:11

yes I am serious. And she's not that much of a friend really, not anymore. My patience has all but ran out.

And whilst saying I'm being nasty to her kid, let's remember how she PERSISTANTLY goes on about my son looking like "an ethopian" and saying how he looks ill and is "horribly thin" etc etc... jealous cos he can fit into 'cheap' clothes?! I think so.

omeNofthefleshes Wed 29-Oct-08 20:52:11

hmm full moon tonight?

sweetcat Wed 29-Oct-08 20:52:44

Same here watsthestory. Glad I haven't got friends that would post about me here

watsthestory Wed 29-Oct-08 20:54:04

Message withdrawn

NotDoingTheHousework Wed 29-Oct-08 20:54:17

Message withdrawn

watsthestory Wed 29-Oct-08 20:55:06

Message withdrawn

watsthestory Wed 29-Oct-08 20:55:40

Message withdrawn

Saturn74 Wed 29-Oct-08 20:56:14

It sounds like neither of you like or respect each other very much.

cheeset Wed 29-Oct-08 20:56:32

GhostlySinCity, I know exactly where your coming from. I have it all the time too.sad

GhostlySinCity Wed 29-Oct-08 20:56:59

Yes but patience wears thin when someone is constantly whinging about her kids being overweight, whilst on the way to the shop to buy their daily intake of CRAP. come on FFS, it's not rocket science. Enough of the PC shite, if you eat crap, you get fat. simple.

PuzzleRocks Wed 29-Oct-08 20:58:31

Ghostly - where do you get your son's tracksuits?

watsthestory Wed 29-Oct-08 20:58:48

Message withdrawn

covertmission Wed 29-Oct-08 20:59:56

oh for goodness sake.

just lalalalalalalala in your head, or not be her friend, or be her friend and get over it.

you both sound very silly.

Milliways Wed 29-Oct-08 21:01:10

My DS is extremely skinny (they all comment on him at swimming) and we have to go to BHS for skinny fit trousers. Asda ones always fall off!

But then, what brand fits one year, doesn't the next - like most kids

chunkychips Wed 29-Oct-08 21:03:27

I agree, it is shite. But it also sounds like you don't like her much anyway or you don't know her well enough to jokingly say something about the chocolate biscuits. We all make friends with people because they have children the same age and then realise later you have nothing in common and they start to get irritating.

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