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To think that dh shouting at ds1 (3) aggressively to get to bed now is not a good way to settle him down

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veryannoyednow Mon 27-Oct-08 21:46:28

I'm a regular but name changed. Ds is not going to bed very well as the moment. He screams and shouts I don't want to go tobed I'm not tired over and over and gets into a terrible state getting out of bed numerous times. Tonight dh lost it swore at him and became furious with him picking him up out of his bed ( he was climbing out again) and shouted inches from face to get into bed now. I went to him to try to calm him/find out why he couldn't control himself in front of ds and he shouted I'm fed up of it just fed up ofit why can't yobble gob just get to sleep!!! angryDS1 went into near hysterics and set off ds2 (11 months). The house was chaos. Eventually I managed to calm all of them down including dh as he refused to go near them as he was so angry!! Aibu to want my husband to act calmer and not take what a 3 year does so totally personally?

Alambil Mon 27-Oct-08 21:51:57

Yes and no - everyone has a snapping point.

My DS was terrible at going to bed at that age. One night I rang my mum in sheer desperation after I'd yelled "JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP" at DS (about 3)....

I'm not proud of it but the constant night in night out whinging that gets worse as they get more tired and would stop so easily if they simply went to bed really, really does get to you!

Mum2OliverJames Mon 27-Oct-08 21:52:41

My XP did this to my DS when he was 5 weeks old and was crying sad

i think its awful, but then so was my XP, if your DH isnt usually like his and it was a one off, sit down and talk to him about finding a way to manage his temper, you dont want you DC's thinking that its ok

choosyfloosy Mon 27-Oct-08 21:55:43

i have to say that the pair of nights when first ds and then me lost it with ds and shouted at him 'BE QUIET AND GO TO BED' brought a nightmare sequence of 5 months hideousness to an end. we were haunted by it though.

i'd agree it shouldn't be like this but we're all human. time for a night out for you both or better still an 'early night' tbh.

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