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to ask for a job that pays £8000 moe than the one i have

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mumofelise Sun 26-Oct-08 16:07:56

i am currently in a job where there are no career prospects, the money is not that great but I have a pension and a access to flexi. My problem is that we, like the rest of the population, are finding things a bit tight right now. I know there is a position in a company that a friend runs and we have spoken about me joining the company in the past. I text her yesterday about keeping me in my mind if a job comes up but havn't heard back from her. I'm not sure if I have blown my chances my asking her directly and now feel really foolish.

catsmother Sun 26-Oct-08 17:21:46

I don't think you've blown your chances by speaking out .... you're no worse off for having asked if you were never in the running, and if she was going to ask you anyway, I doubt that being a bit "forward" would do you any harm.

Hope it works out for you ....... please let me know if there's more than 1 job doing 'cos I could do with an £8k rise too (along with the rest of the population).

catsmother Sun 26-Oct-08 17:22:08

going (not doing).

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