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to want to kick DH hard in the 'nads?

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AphroditeInHerNightie Sun 26-Oct-08 07:05:13

Its been a tough morning already, what with the clocks going backward and nobody thinking to notify the kids.
DD(6) and DS(3) both have streaming colds and are ratty with each other, have already told me how 'bored' they are, keep fighting with each other - you know, that blissful Sunday morning scenario!
I think I've got a cold coming too - energy levels low, head buzzing, everything aches, which is robbing me of the last ounces of patience that I might have possessed.
DH has just gone off to work, didn't get up till half an hour ago after a full night's sleep. He's working an on-call roster so sleeps every monent he can 'just in case' he gets called out.
Anyway, when he finally emerges from his pit, his opening gambit is to tell me to 'calm down' and advising me to 'just chill out'. When I tell him I'm feeling unwell, his, highly sympathetic, response is "yeah, I feel pretty crap, too", no sympathy, no asking what's up with, no nothing.
And then he wonders why I get huffy with him as he flounces off to a quiet day in the office, leaving me with devil kids.
He's a very lucky man that I didn't have the energy to raise my leg high enough to plant the heel of my foot in his happy sack!
Rant over!

brightandshiny Sun 26-Oct-08 07:25:42

sounds reasonable to me grin

mayorquimby Sun 26-Oct-08 11:00:18

chill out

LittlePeanut Sun 26-Oct-08 11:15:41

My sympathy is with you.

My DH also working today. He made the most of the extra hour in bad (I didn't - someone had to get up with DD).

When he got up, he came downstairs and turned his nose up at the offer of breakfast, saying "I'll stop and get a sandwich on the way". In other words, "I can't be doing with all this mess and noise on a Sunday morning. I'm off."


Grrrrr. (sorry for hijack).

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