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To report noisey neighbours to enviromental health and their landlords...

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Twiga Sun 26-Oct-08 04:24:52

Been awake now for an hour thanks to our lovely neighbours who've decided that it's a great time to have a party and play dance music so loudly that it's like having the stereo on in my bedroom. Can hear my kids starting to stir (3yrs and 16 months) and at 31 weeks pg sleep is kinda vital to my sanity - could strangle my dh who is managing to sleep through it. Phoned police but apparently they no longer deal and have been given environmental health number, needless to say no-one answering at this time of night. It was the same last night only earlier (around midnight). Is there a way of tracking down who their landlords are? As well as EH I'd like to log it with whoever their tenancy is with esp with Christmas just around the corner and the possibility of further celebrations over the coming month or so!

I know some of you will say why not go round and have a word but there's no way I'm chancing it here and now as no idea if they've been drinking (lot of happy shouting going on too) and can't face a row at this time of day. Dh has muttered something about having a word in the tomorrow at some point and this is all well and good but I just feel that even if that goes ok we need to have a record somewhere in case becomes an on-going prob - I honestly can't live with this on a regular basis - you can feel the vibrations through the floor!

breadandroses Sun 26-Oct-08 05:40:39

We have this problem too- last time it happened EH wanted to come round there and then to "measure" the noise.

I said no thanks as have sleeping twins, so they said keep a log.

Hope you get some peace.

oiwhatsoccurring Sun 26-Oct-08 05:47:08

Hi Twiga

I have the exact same problems as you. One night they were even getting some one MCing and you thought you were next door to a proper night club. I have had people be sick on my door step right in front of me. It makes life so unhappy so I know how you feel.

The EH with knock on there door and give them a warning and they will also post a note to everyone to see if it brings up complaints. I was quite lucky that the landlord left me his number if I had any trouble and after about 6 months they got kicked out. They were all music students. I know have 4 lovely girls next door and if they have a party they come and warn me. I never ever hear them so it goes to show how load they were.

So sorry your going through this, we speaking to them as who there landlord/agents are and hopefully they will tell you.

oiwhatsoccurring Sun 26-Oct-08 05:48:07

BTW the EH only work until 3am in Brighton, don't know if it different where you live

Twiga Sun 26-Oct-08 08:12:31

Finaly all stopped just after 5am - so much for the extra hour with clocks going back! Have two very cranky children this morning and am exhausted, needless to say I'm sure the music appteciation society next door will enjoy a long lie this morning hmm. Have filled in an on-line complaint form to EH.

oiwhatsoccurring, we're in Hove which explains why I couldn't get anyone last night. It's the first time we've had hassle but it really doesn't bode well esp with the hristmas party season on it's way by which point we'll have a newborn to consider too - aargh!

Twiga Sun 26-Oct-08 08:13:42

can't even type properly, I'm so tired - excuse the bad sp etc.

oiwhatsoccurring Sun 26-Oct-08 08:23:45

Have they recently moved in? If they have been there a while is might be just a one or two off

differentWitch Sun 26-Oct-08 08:24:28

what you ned to do is face speakers towards their house and put a film on for the dc at high volume. See how they like it! It is a reasonable hour of the day to have a dvd on for children especially as you need a few minutes peace, they can't complain without looking like tits.

MyPumpkinDsHappyHalloweenBday Sun 26-Oct-08 08:40:30

ditto what different says, but loud music like bob the builder or tweenies played over and over again.

cheshirekitty Sun 26-Oct-08 08:51:12

Def put the tv on very loud next to the wall.

Have you any shelves that need putting up? Any gardening that needs to be done that is good and loud?

Twiga Sun 26-Oct-08 15:20:57

oiwhatsoccurring - I think they've been there a while, not even sure if owners or tenants - we're the new comers. Am very much hoping is a one/two off and hope I've not been heavy handed in reporting it to EH but I really couldn't live with it long term.

Dcs are both tired, difficult and grumpy today and I'm just glad dh is on a short shift at the hospital til 4 and then off for a few days. Am well and truely shattered.

Really wish I could find something good and loud to do but just don't have it in me. Gardening would have been good as the lawn genuinely needs cut but it is a horrible wet day - hope they're enjoying their daytime sleep angry! Still there is a roast going in the oven and we'll have a fab few days all off as a family this half term week so with a bit of kip tonight things will be looking up.

oiwhatsoccurring Sun 26-Oct-08 17:34:22

Twiga have you said your coming to the meet up on 13th Dec?

Twiga Sun 26-Oct-08 19:35:31

Yes I have although I need to get to my obs appt on the 4th to confirm my section date - was going to wait til then to give a definate. I'll nip and check the meet-up thread but is there something i need to do - deposit or anything for the meal?

oiwhatsoccurring Mon 27-Oct-08 06:15:30

Yes there is a £5 deposit but are still waiting to see how we get it to the person. Hopefully you can come, it would be nice to meet you. Hope the noisy people don't cause you anymore trouble.

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