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to think this is baaad parenting?

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HughJars Sat 25-Oct-08 19:30:33

I mean really!

mooog Sat 25-Oct-08 19:32:14

Dooohhhhh I dont get it!!

KaplumbagaBloodyBones Sat 25-Oct-08 19:33:52

Are you the same Hugh i sent the big box of little people stuff to? I assume it got to you ok and that you are happy with it all? smile

HughJars Sat 25-Oct-08 19:34:14

No, I'm not that Hugh.

FlameThrowersKillZombies Sat 25-Oct-08 19:35:06


Are you the hugh who pissed everyone off? hmm

mooog Sat 25-Oct-08 19:36:38

Whoe's Hugh

KaplumbagaBloodyBones Sat 25-Oct-08 19:37:30

Oh ok. hmmVery odd!

mooog Sat 25-Oct-08 19:37:52

I mean, who's hugh ?
Oh I blew it!

LittleMonkeysMummy Sat 25-Oct-08 19:38:31

Hee hee - very funny grin I think we have the same sense of humour!!

HughJars Sat 25-Oct-08 19:39:38

No, I'm not that Hugh Flame. I'm a fire breathing kind of Hugh.

FlameThrowersKillZombies Sat 25-Oct-08 19:42:17

It is now really bugging me what that hugh did - I remember namechanging was involved hmm

I did mean to grin @ the thread and got distracted!

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