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to buy DS Tesco value nappies?

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georgimama Sat 25-Oct-08 17:34:16

I would like to stress that they do not leak, and rubbish as many probably think they are, they never give him nappy rash. I wouldn't buy them if they did.

So with that in mind, is it unreasonable or unnecessarily stingey to only pay £1.48 for 20 nappies? I got a look when I told someone how good they are today which made me think she expected to see me rifling through bins outside supermarkets any day now.

Ebb Sat 25-Oct-08 17:36:03

If they do the job then yanbu! Leaves money to spend on important things like chocolate.... grin

pumpkinscantdancethetango Sat 25-Oct-08 17:36:36

yanbu if they do the job then thats fine.

georgimama Sat 25-Oct-08 17:38:58

Well that's what I thought. Not that money is as tight as this, but if a packet of Pampers is a fiver, and they are £1.48, I would rather spend the £3.52 difference on organic milk and yoghurts for him for example.

Will anyone else admit to using them?

jammi Sat 25-Oct-08 17:39:22

Message withdrawn

georgimama Sat 25-Oct-08 17:41:34

Well DS is 20 months, I'm not sure how they would stand up to still quite runny poo. The Tesco own brand ordinary ones which cost about £3.50 (it has been a gradual decline from terries, to econature thingys, to pampers, to tesco own brand, to tesco value blush )are aboslutely every bit as good as Huggies/Pampers though.

FlameThrowersKillZombies Sat 25-Oct-08 17:45:20

I bougth smart price nappies.

Seemed bargainous.

Then I realised how sweaty and plasticky they were compared to even just asda own iyswim. And he kept taking it off after just one wee and waking 3 times a night hmm

I have gone to pampers, and he is sleeping much better.

If my his sleep hadn't been disturbed, I would have most likely stuck with em.

FAQ Sat 25-Oct-08 17:46:58

I had to use Tesco Value Nappies for a while on DS2 - they were awful, he quickly got nappy rash (never had it before, and didn't have it after), didn't hold much wee (and definitely not much poo) - so I was quite glad when we could go back to the normal own brand ones........

luckylady74 Sat 25-Oct-08 17:55:56

Fine - I was very sad they gave my dd terrile nappy rash, but they didn't leak and my mum says that is what all nappies were like 15 yrs ago and why potty training started earlier!

nancy75 Sat 25-Oct-08 17:57:37

the tesco own brand (not value the other ones) were really good, i thought they were better than pampers and didnt leak at all

bubblagirl Sat 25-Oct-08 17:58:29

no i used cheap ones through out the day when i knew they would be changed more often and were always fine on my ds but used better for night as new he'd be in it all night

meep Sat 25-Oct-08 17:59:25

I'm a fan of Boots own nappies - not as cheap as £1.48 though!

DustyTv Sat 25-Oct-08 17:59:49

I used to have DD in terries but I am being lazy atm blush and have used tescos own brand nappies, I actually find them better than huggies, Huggies always leak. I pefer sainsburys own nappies as you tend to get more for your money (DD is in Maxi size).

Must get my terries sorted out now.

feelingbitbetter Sat 25-Oct-08 18:12:19

I've never used tesco value, but always use Tesco own brand super soft or something. £6ish for 68? (I think blush.
I tried Pampers (OK) and Huggies (DS would NOT wear them without crying, too mcu elastic, i think) and Boots own too (DS favourite).
They mop up pee and poo and then go in the bin. If they do the first two jobs correctly, the cheaper the better!

georgimama Sat 25-Oct-08 18:16:57

Are they really? Because that is only 1.8 pence per nappy more than my pikey value ones, and they are much nicer.

Ok, conclusion is, not unreasonable, but can get nicer ones almost as cheap if bought in bulk. Have never worked out price per nappy like that before, never realised the bulk packs are that much cheaper.

Cheers all wink

Am going to upload some photos very briefly to profile (which I will have to create first) of DS in Halloween costume. He looked so cute at the party today!

wtfhashappened Sat 25-Oct-08 18:21:18

I would still use them if they hadn't given ds2 horrendous nappy rash when I tried them. Glad they work for you. would anyone seriously tell you to buy more expensive ones on principle? Can I have their money then?

fizzbuzz Sat 25-Oct-08 18:44:54

Aldi nappies are superb. Better than any top brand, I am stunned by them.

Huge double pack for 1/2 price of Pampers small pack. I kid you not, they are really fantastic.

ChloeandAlfie Sat 25-Oct-08 18:52:50

I've also heard that Aldi ones are good.... I might take a trip down there to sample some soon... smile

squatchette Sat 25-Oct-08 18:57:21

I second who ever said Aldi ones are good ,i used them when i had 2 still in nappies.DD1 was tube fed and had very runny poo .Am using the Boots ones for newborns on dd3 they are about three pounds .But she has got nappy rash at the mo ,I never thought it could be the nappies how stupid am i?Think i'll try twitching back to Pampers and see if that helps.

squatchette Sat 25-Oct-08 18:58:52

Switching not twitching although the price may make me twitch at the moment i'm that skint grin!

Cupofteaplease Sat 25-Oct-08 18:59:19

We buy Tesco own brand, and they are fine. We haven't bought the Value ones though, because our store doesn't stock them. If they did, we would probably give them a try!

feelingbitbetter Sat 25-Oct-08 19:03:43

I tell a lie, £4.99 for 68 Tesco own brand.

LackaDAISYcal Sat 25-Oct-08 19:04:02

What are they like these days? I tried them with DS, who is now six, and the outer was plastic, and they were obviously three or four generations previous of disposable nappy.

I'd be interested to see how far they have come on in six years.

KatieDD Sat 25-Oct-08 19:13:45

Hmm you'd be better off investing in a packet of terry's squares and plastic pants i'd say because the money you save will end up being spent on nappy rash cream.

Buckets Sat 25-Oct-08 19:20:14

YANBU, always worth trying the cheaper option, you never know what hidden treasure you might find.
Bought some dreadful cheapo ones in Somerfield once, wouldn't recommend them.

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