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something ocean-fishy going on?

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loobeylou Fri 24-Oct-08 10:11:56

has anyone else noticed that a certain person always seems to include the word ocean in their posts, and other MNers use it in their replies???

Is this some sort of code, a bet, a private club or what? I know I am really nosey (that's the AIBU bit), but I really am curious! Have I missed something?

Mum2OliverJames Fri 24-Oct-08 10:12:50

I have noticed it too [curious emotion]

pingping Fri 24-Oct-08 10:13:16

LOL we are not sure what its about your have to ask OP but she nevers explains so have you seen the ocean wink

GhostlySinCity Fri 24-Oct-08 10:14:10

Yes, I'd like to know too. I hate cliqueness!

pingping Fri 24-Oct-08 10:14:29

YANBU by the way I know the other posters are taking the piss out of GSC as she does say it in every post very weird

pingping Fri 24-Oct-08 10:15:12

GhostlySinCity please will you explain what it means or at least why you say it?

loobeylou Fri 24-Oct-08 10:15:24

come on ghostly, the suspense is killing us, spill the beans

pingping Fri 24-Oct-08 10:16:16

Yes spill

CharleeInChains Fri 24-Oct-08 10:17:22

Maybe she's taken on the spirit of Cod?

Any dodgey spelling going on? grin

loobeylou Fri 24-Oct-08 10:18:55

yes, I wondered if it was Cod-related too

GhostlySinCity Fri 24-Oct-08 10:19:28

People are taking the piss out of me?? where?? I'll have em!

pingping Fri 24-Oct-08 10:25:29

GSC when ever you start a thread or comment on a thread had you not noticed that at least 1 person now mentions the ocean to you.

Mum2OliverJames Fri 24-Oct-08 10:32:54

TBH when i first saw it i put it down to she probably lives in an area where that is a saying - its def not here

loobeylou Fri 24-Oct-08 10:36:38

I didn't think it was piss-taking, just people you know sharing the joke.

pingping Fri 24-Oct-08 10:39:16

Does anyone other than GSC know the joke???

filz Fri 24-Oct-08 10:40:42

i havent notcied this at all

VinegArghhhWasStabbedInTheTits Fri 24-Oct-08 10:42:19

I couldnt give a feck

CandleQueen Fri 24-Oct-08 10:45:45


<CQ runs away, very fast>

onepieceoflollipop Fri 24-Oct-08 10:45:46

I kind of thought if we ignored it she might stop saying it.

loobeylou Fri 24-Oct-08 10:47:51

I was hopin I might get a prize for being the first to spot it (only joking!!!)

Cheesesarnie Fri 24-Oct-08 11:06:18

id not noticed.
the ocean.

pingping Fri 24-Oct-08 11:18:45

LOL anyways I think GSC is on her own with the ocean there is no secret ocean club on mumsnet so op your not missing nothing.

HA HA CandleQueen!

Ghostlysincity I have posted on your teenage thread

Cheesesarnie Fri 24-Oct-08 11:20:53

pingping-there is a secret ocean club <whispers-did you not get the invite for extra cool mners?>

pingping Fri 24-Oct-08 12:32:23

No I didn't envy sad I feel like a mumsnet loser now

Walks off thread crying and sulking and remembering my school days.

forevercleaningwithmybesoms Fri 24-Oct-08 12:39:06

is it to do with the oceangram message in a bottle thingy?

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