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To expect my DC's to behave 'nicely' when their grandparents are visiting?

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josben Thu 23-Oct-08 18:24:52

Just had my PIL for tea and DS1(7) and DS2 (6) were little monkeys..

They weren't being really badly behaved they were just a bit loud and silly, (and ds1 got the hump when i wouldn't let him go on the playstation) they were playing up at the dinner table too ...

DH wasn't even here - he was at work, PIL asked if they could come round to us and collect the DC's from school with me - then they stayed to tea.

I just find it all a bit stressful, DD1 is 2 years and she is a bit of a handful and then i'm trying to cook shepherds pie and be sociable etc...

PIl are just so bloody polite and quiet and 'nice' - I always feel like we are so loud and rowdy with them! blush

mrsmortenharket Thu 23-Oct-08 18:26:43

hi josben not really sure what to say sweetheart sorry xx

Bluebutterfly Thu 23-Oct-08 18:27:10

Well, I think it is always exciting to have a grandparent over - think it is probably quite normal for children to "show-off" a bit in circumstances like that, is it not?

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