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to think that Australia should be a bit bloody warmer than this?

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thumblesswitch Thu 23-Oct-08 01:50:36

It is fecking FREEEEEZING! I am sitting here with a 2-bar electrical heater on, cowering inside cos it's too bloody windy and cold (although nowhere NEAR as bad as yesterday when it was also horizontal rain!) to go outside!

Surely, it's supposed to be nice and warm? hmm Surely I am supposed to be able to wear my 2 lovely new swimmers that I bought only last week? This is just wrong!!

And DH wants me to move here next year, on the grounds that it's so much more outdoorsy and lovely weather!hmmangry


R2G Thu 23-Oct-08 01:58:45

poor you. when i went to oz it was cold at night in the more desert parts. where are you?

arfishy Thu 23-Oct-08 01:59:20

It's a freak patch. Two days ago I was in a sarong and today I'm in jeans, jumper, gilet and am freezing. I might have to get the heater out.


It will be scorchio again by the weekend.

thumblesswitch Thu 23-Oct-08 02:04:58

I am on the edge of Lake Macquarie, just down from Morisset in NSW. Being on the lake is making it 10 times worse, I'm sure - and the fact that to get from the bedroom to the rest of the house we have to go out onto the lower terrace, around the side of the house, up the stairs onto the upper (open)porch and then in through the back doors is just dreadful! poor Ds, although he does think it is a great scream to be blown around - I try to time it between the horizontal rain squalls.

Arf, I saw that it's supposed to get better by the weekend - fingers crossed! It's been like this here since Sunday eve when the thunder and lightning started

flummery Thu 23-Oct-08 02:07:56

thumbleswitch, I'm in Sydney and it's the same down here. Totally freaky weather - I'm freezing, rugged up and considering lighting the fire, but they say it'll be high 20's/early 30's by the weekend. Very odd weather, there was snow in the Blue Mountains yesterday - in October!!!


thumblesswitch Thu 23-Oct-08 02:14:22

and here comes the horizontal rain again, oh joy....

thumblesswitch Thu 23-Oct-08 02:15:42

and to think that DH scoffed at me when i packed my fleece "just in case" - just wish i'd also packed socks and boots!!

arfishy Thu 23-Oct-08 02:26:10

I had to take a hot water bottle to bed last night, for the first time ever.


sandcastles Thu 23-Oct-08 02:31:19

In the summer you will be saying

"It is fecking BOILING! I am sitting here with the air con on, cowering inside cos it's too bloody hot (although nowhere NEAR as bad as yesterday when it was hot enough to fry eggs on the car) to go outside"

Enjoy it! Really!

flummery Thu 23-Oct-08 02:38:52

Sandcastles, I had to get the winter duvet out of storage at 3 in the morning the other night (and stubbed my toe along the way). I demand the right to whinge about both!

thumblesswitch Thu 23-Oct-08 02:41:28

grin - you're probably right but at the mo this is my holiday and it's almost a week out of it, not being able to do anything nice

thumblesswitch Thu 23-Oct-08 02:43:03

plus i don't think i'd be so pissed off if the bedroom was at least inside the house...

sandcastles Thu 23-Oct-08 02:45:55

Are you sure there is no secret tunnel to the bedroom...that set up is rather bizaar!

Ozziegirly Thu 23-Oct-08 02:47:03

Yep, i'm back in a jumper and tights with my suit today - but I was in a vest top and shorts on Sunday sitting out in the sunshine all day! It is very odd weather.

thumblesswitch Thu 23-Oct-08 02:48:09

defo no secret tunnel/stair, more's the pity

sandcastles Thu 23-Oct-08 02:50:12

Flum, that is so not funny...I sympathise!

However, I am enjoying the colder weather, because all too soon it will be too hot to think!

ClaudiaSlasher Thu 23-Oct-08 03:00:54

Going to be 28 here today and Saturday will be 35. Tra lalalalala


Mind you tis a bit chilly now. Will have a cuppa to warm up.

sandcastles Thu 23-Oct-08 03:30:50

I don't think it will be 28 now claudia...

ClaudiaSlasher Thu 23-Oct-08 03:46:05

Really? dammit.

Will have to pop a cardi on. I am roasting a chicken right now so hopefully the oven will heat the house up.

How are you getting on Sandcastles? How is the baby?

sunnydelight Thu 23-Oct-08 04:10:05

I'm sitting here shivering wishing DS2 didn't have swimming after school. I put our winter duvet on the bed last night on top of the lighter one, wore my fleeciest pjs and was warm for the first time all day!

Hope you get some decent weather for the rest of your holiday thumblesswitch!

flummery Thu 23-Oct-08 04:38:40

sunnyd, my three had swimming on Monday when the change came over. It was warm(ish) and 4pm when I jumped in the pool. By 6pm, when the last finished, I was sitting by the edge blue and shivering trying to keep other two dcs warm too. Cancel!!

Tigurr Thu 23-Oct-08 05:42:00

I agree, it's freezing here in Sydney at the moment.

Wednesday it was apparently the coldest day in October for 16 years - 12c in the city itself and blinking SNOW out in the Blue Mountains - insane! Especially as it was so toasty last Sunday.

Still chilly today and so hard to warm up as nobody has thought to install gas central heating in this country at all - brrr!

Does kind of make you wonder why we bothered emigrating in the first place LOL

lilysmummy2007 Thu 23-Oct-08 05:57:53


Tigurr Thu 23-Oct-08 07:58:46

Ah, but then you have to go through the hassle of setting up a proxy IP cos Iplayer doesn't work if you're outside the UK wink

sandcastles Thu 23-Oct-08 10:08:59

Baby is doing v well, thank you!

She knows I like my sleep & sleeps 7-7 now! Yay!

Although I did refrain from telling the other mums at dd1's school that while they were maoning about their babies not sleeping!

And it did warm up after lunch, quite nicely, didn't it?

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