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to give up my New build house so that a person who earns 60k can have it??

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SparklyGothKat Wed 22-Oct-08 23:03:02


Should I make my disabled kids homeless for them??

Cheesesarnie Wed 22-Oct-08 23:04:07

thats so nice of you awww

thisisyesterday Wed 22-Oct-08 23:04:48

yes, you should. honestly, people liek you with your wanting to live in a house and everything!
there's people out there willing to pay £1000 a month for it!

actually, on second thoughts, perhaps you should rent it out to them for £1k a month, rent somewhere cheaper yourself and make some money? grin

FAQ Wed 22-Oct-08 23:05:09

awww SGK that's so kind - of course you should do it - it's obvious isn't it wink

twinsetandpearls Wed 22-Oct-08 23:05:51

Have I missed something

hatrick Wed 22-Oct-08 23:06:07

Message withdrawn

SparklyGothKat Wed 22-Oct-08 23:07:34

It has four walls, a roof, 4 bedrooms, a new kitchen (well its 2 years old but still new) a fitted bathroom with shower, and a huge garden, oh and a drive.. I should go and live in a cardboard box rather than live in a house!

SparklyGothKat Wed 22-Oct-08 23:08:20

and windows of course!!

SparklyGothKat Wed 22-Oct-08 23:09:33

TSAP, look for the thread called AIBU to think I should have a council house (or something like that)

twinsetandpearls Wed 22-Oct-08 23:14:07

This had better be good I am on a five minute marking break grin

twinsetandpearls Wed 22-Oct-08 23:17:53

shock have only read first few posts I could be there for hours and still have 60 books to mark grin

cory Wed 22-Oct-08 23:18:54

Ah, you won't need to, Sparkly, I'm going to give them mine, to atone for being a useless member of society (aka an immigrant).

SparklyGothKat Wed 22-Oct-08 23:20:26

aww they can have TWO!!!! How kind are we??!!

Cheesesarnie Wed 22-Oct-08 23:22:07

isnt it great how in times of need mn comes together to help each other.i heart mn.

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