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I am, I know I am, but fr*g*ing tractors!!!!

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georgimama Wed 22-Oct-08 19:40:56

I live in the darkest depths of the countryside, I am a big supoprter of agriculture so I am being totally unreasonable. DS is a nightmare sleeper at the best of times, and is also obsessed with tractors.

Tonight they are literally making hay while the sun shines (or shone, today). Every 30 seconds a very large tractor towing an even larger trailer, doing a lot more than 30mph, comes trundling through the village making my house shake. DS is going to wake up again any minute.


Jazzicatz Wed 22-Oct-08 19:43:06

My boys love tractors also - they absolutely adore harvest time as all the tractors are out trundling up and down. Next it will be preparing the earth for next year!!!!

nooOOOoonki Wed 22-Oct-08 19:45:51

it might rock him to sleep [hopeful parent emotion]

moocowmrs Wed 22-Oct-08 19:49:19

Take comfet that it will only be for one night ! farmers have had a tough year weather wise and need to make the most of any sunny weather !!

georgimama Wed 22-Oct-08 19:50:08

It's been 45 seconds now since the last one, am hopeful that they are winding down....

If your sons love tractors, do they know about tractor ted? It's fabulous

Jazzicatz Wed 22-Oct-08 19:50:57

Oh yes we know Tractor Ted!!!

georgimama Wed 22-Oct-08 19:51:11

I know moocowmrs, they are having a shit time at the moment, that's why I am being unreasonable. Actually, it would be unreasonable to go and shout at them like a fishwife, moaning on here is allowed.

moocowmrs Wed 22-Oct-08 19:56:32

Of course georgimama ! nice that someone understands !

MortBlackCatResident Wed 22-Oct-08 20:04:41

I sympathise - i live in deepest darkest Shropshire.


georgimama Wed 22-Oct-08 20:04:49

They're still coming. Go home to Mrs Farmer, you farmers!

I didn't know the farm had that many tractors, they're forming a convoy into the farmyard now. <sob>

moocowmrs Wed 22-Oct-08 20:07:36

Prob isn't the farmer will be a contrator, will lots of tractors who will work till the job is finished ! so can start somewhere else tomorrow.

MortBlackCatResident Wed 22-Oct-08 21:03:36

It is rather fascinating though how the harvesters get it down the shutes into the tractor - lorries (tech term obv). Quite impressive.

They'll be gone by tomorrow onto another farm.

We go down the garden and wave at them. Sometimes they wave back <sad>.

FiveGoMadInDorset Wed 22-Oct-08 21:06:05

DD loves Tractor Ted and Little Red Tractor, and they are still out in the firdl behind us.

georgimama Wed 22-Oct-08 21:12:02

Apparently they are getting the maize in (DH has just informed me) as has only just dried out enough. There is an awful lot of maize around here (It's amazing, how they get teh maize in - I love that lyric) so they could be at this for some time....

FiveGoMadInDorset Wed 22-Oct-08 21:16:22

They are just finsihing the maize here.

GentleGarotter Wed 22-Oct-08 21:20:59

Bless 'em georgimama. We have just brought our harvest in and worked long hours doing it. (No contractors, just dh & I)
Your little one is possibly sleeping now but you can tell him that the tractors were driving past just for
And holler all you like at them! They won't hear you OVER THE NOISE OF THE ENGINE.

All will be quiet again tomorrow.

Liffey Wed 22-Oct-08 21:22:36

thanks for that link!!

My 3 yr old has a severe speech delay but he can say Takker (tractor). He does seem to really, really, really love tractors! hmm

And he quite likes cranes too, but his first love is takkers! grin

FiveGoMadInDorset Wed 22-Oct-08 21:28:29

Wow GG that must be tough for you. How big is your farm, what do you grow etc.

ShosheTheGhoshe Wed 22-Oct-08 21:29:17

Five quick Hijack, we are all hoping to meet in Poole park on Monday can you make it?

FiveGoMadInDorset Wed 22-Oct-08 21:30:35

Would love to but Dad's cosuin died last week so we are going to her funeral, but otherwise would have been great. Hopefully meeting up with Twinset though to go to Kimmeridge over halfterm if you are inetersted

georgimama Wed 22-Oct-08 21:31:38

Oh Liffey, he will love their DVDs, DS is addicted to them and they are really informative and sweet, a bit "Boden" perhaps but the Organic Farm and Showtime are my favourites!

They are lovely people who run it, just a farmer and his wife and kids, DH rang them last week to ask if they had any new DVDs coming out and they sent us some free posters. Join the fan club!

Sorry, am a bit evangelical about Tractor Ted!!

ohdearwhatamess Wed 22-Oct-08 21:33:19

Great link! Must show ds1 tomorrow. He is obsessed with tractors. We have a farm at the end of our road, so see them all the time (also wave to them blush). Harvest was a couple of weeks ago here (Herts).

ShosheTheGhoshe Wed 22-Oct-08 21:33:30

I have 6 kids most of the week will let you know on that

stephla Wed 22-Oct-08 21:43:03

My son was obsessed with tractors. It was an autumn holiday in France at harvest time that started it all. That lasted about 2 years. Now he is into cars and in particular exhaust pipes. The fatter the exhaust pipe, the faster the car (apparently). We look at triangular exhaust pipes, multiple exhaust pipes and "innies" and "outies". I kind of miss those nice colourful tractors.

Liffey Wed 22-Oct-08 21:58:22

That's his christmas present I think!

I used to think all of those machiney type things that I never looked at properly were "tractors". Now I amaze myself. My tractor knowledge is unparalleled!!! I know diggers, bulldozers, rollers... Wow, put me on the weakest link.

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