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To be a pit peed off with DS's preschool?

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AmIWhatAndWhy Wed 22-Oct-08 10:36:54

We overslept this morning as DP forgot to set the alarm for me (he leaves at 7am so sets it for 8 for me before he goes)

I called preschool to let them know we'd be running late. However then DS (possibly AS) was on a proper go slow, and refusing to eat breakfast or get washed and dressed. At 10.15 I gave up on it and decided to keep him off so I called them again. She was distinctly huffy and said 'shall we assume we'll see him tomorrow or not'. I mean for gods sake he's not even 3, it is not compulsary and we have paid for the entire term anyway so they have his fees whether he is there or not.

What difference should it make?

compo Wed 22-Oct-08 10:38:50

maybe she was in the middle of something so was huffy as she wanted a quick end to the conversation, were you going on a bit?!!

AmIWhatAndWhy Wed 22-Oct-08 10:41:23

grin Do I seem the type to go on a bit?

Marne Wed 22-Oct-08 10:43:45

Maybe you rang at a bad time?

I don't see a problem with keeping him home though, as you say he's only 3, ive kept dd1 (as) off a few times because she has been anxious or in a foul mood.

exasperatedmummy Wed 22-Oct-08 10:55:59

I think the pre school were a bit rude tbh. She should have said "Ok, well we will see you tomorrow, all being well" something along those lines.

My DD has just started and we were told that if we didn't ring up with a reason for children not going in, we would get a shitty letter shock. But i don't HAVE to send her you know! So i was a bit hmm about that. Yes, of course i think it is common politeness to ring and leave a message that DD isn't gonig to come in for whatever reason, and i would definately do so. But it is a bit much to expect them to attend religiously, like they would at school.

We nearly didn't send DD today as we had a very disturbed night. But she was OK this morning. I would have been very miffed if i got the response you did - think the woman sounds as if she takes herself rather too seriously.

slightlycrumpled Wed 22-Oct-08 11:18:14

amiwhatandwhy YANBU to be irritated by curt reply but she may have been really busy and not concentrating on the conversation.

exasperatedmummy Is your DD funded? IME playschools do get funny if children are kept off for reasons other than illnesses. This is because they are paid for the funding for the term at the start of the term, and if when they have an inspection it shows lots of absences they have to pay the money back.

DS2's playschool had to pay back nearly £800 last year due to (mostly their poor registar keeping I guess) unexplained absences, for reasons other than illness.

We all had to sign absence forms when they came back to playschool. Seemed off untill they explained it.

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