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To think Jim Davidson is probably not the most enlightening contributor to a programme about political correctness and to want to explain in the most violent terms why the word Paki is not equivalent to the word Brit or Aussie?

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LittleBellaLugosi Tue 21-Oct-08 22:13:38


Clive James, Radio 4. That moron Jim Davidson has me frothing at the mouth.

For anyone who genuinely doesn't understand why the term "paki" is not equivalent to the term "brit" or "aussie", it is because the term Brit or Aussie is merely a shortening of the words British or Australian, and neither word has ever carried any pejorative meaning.

The word Paki, otoh, was always, always used pejoratively. It was used indiscriminately to describe anyone from the Indian sub-continent - or even, anyone from anywhere east of Italy. If you were an Afghan, an Iraqui, an Indian, a Sri Lankan, you could be called a Paki. Hence, Paki is not merely a shortening of the term "Pakistani", it is a pejorative term for anyone with dark skin who is not of African or Caribbean descent.

OK? Got that? If someone could explain that to Jim Davidson while they're on their travels, I'd be grateful.

I thank you.


childrenofthecornsilk Tue 21-Oct-08 22:14:36

Did he try to defend using that term then? What an idiot.

compo Tue 21-Oct-08 22:14:56

step away from the radio
there's a love

nickytwoooohtimes Tue 21-Oct-08 22:15:10

He is a farking bell end.
You can't reason with stupidity like that.

MrsMattie Tue 21-Oct-08 22:16:05

Jim Davidson is a complete and utter thicko twat.

childrenofthecornsilk Tue 21-Oct-08 22:17:02

Why does he even get a chance to air his poisonous views? It's disgraceful.

PeaMcLean Tue 21-Oct-08 22:18:25


is no one on the progremme saying this???

scaryfucker Tue 21-Oct-08 22:19:08

didn't he die yet ?

Tommy Tue 21-Oct-08 22:19:46

he shouldn't be allowed to be broadcast IMO. He is an ignorant gobshite

WinkyWinkola Tue 21-Oct-08 22:19:50

I was listening to that programme too today and was amazed Jim Davidson was given a voice. He's a wife beating pillock.

childrenofthecornsilk Tue 21-Oct-08 22:20:36

Exactly WW.

LittleBellaLugosi Tue 21-Oct-08 22:22:52

Oh has he beaten his wife up as well as based a career on racist jokes?

Bleedin' charmer, isn't he.

StayFrostyShiversDownMySpine Tue 21-Oct-08 22:25:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Tommy Tue 21-Oct-08 22:27:27

shall we see what range of insults we can offer on one thread about him?! grin

Amandoh Tue 21-Oct-08 22:33:13

He said that if Labour ever gained power then he'd leave the country. So, we duly voted them in yet he's still here!

Why has he suddenly started turning up on tv and radio again?

He's an odious little man and I switch over when I know he's coming on.

Carmenere Tue 21-Oct-08 22:37:21

No in fairness I think he lives in Dubai which kind of fits. I mean the whole place is a manufactured shrine to commercialism and excess and is not generally troubled by taste.

did anyone see him on the Piers Morgan darker side of Fame prog. He is a truly pathetic person.

LittleBellaLugosi Tue 21-Oct-08 22:40:40

Oh God it so fits.

I cannot understand why Radio 4 are giving him airtime. <splutters in a Tunbridge Wells fashion and then remembers with outrage that she can't afford to live in Tunbridge Wells. Splutters again.>

It's the thin end of the wedge etc.

Amandoh Tue 21-Oct-08 22:42:01

Ooops, my mistake. I didn't realise he had gone. Is his sudden resurface an attempt to pave his way back?

MorrisZapp Wed 22-Oct-08 11:51:48

Give him the rope, he'll merrily hang himself.

He's a national embarrassment, wherever he now lives.

onager Wed 22-Oct-08 12:18:34

>>The word Paki, otoh, was always, always used pejoratively<<


Jim is two years older than I am and like me was born in London. We come from a different culture which no one is interested in understanding or including.

needmorecoffee Wed 22-Oct-08 12:19:52

he's the twat who refused to do a show when he saw some wheelchair users were in the audience. Said he didn't want to see 'drooling spastics'

nooOOOoonki Wed 22-Oct-08 12:27:59

Onager - I have no problem including any culture

but if you are insinuating that all older white working class londoners think that the use of the word Paki is anything other than offensive for then to use then you are very much mistaken.

Peachy Wed 22-Oct-08 12:35:13


he's a prat

I am ot wanting to give too many detals obv but a close friend had reason to know him well as a child- she thougt he was a rigt prat and on the one occasion our paths should have crossed- [anger]

onager Wed 22-Oct-08 12:36:26

Well I know of some who didn't use the word that way including myself. Jim claims to know of some too. If you want to claim that the word Paki was often used pejoratively that's fine.

I'm not talking about now, but the time and country of my birth.

Carmenere Wed 22-Oct-08 12:37:46

Ignorance and hatefulness is not culturalhmm how very odd to want to identify with JDhmm

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