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To think my mother should ask me before changing DD's birthday present

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dilemma456 Mon 20-Oct-08 13:42:49

Message withdrawn

ComeOVeneer Mon 20-Oct-08 13:44:32

YANBU but I assume your mum was just trying to help. Is it worth doing/saying anything or should you just let it slide?

monkeymonkeymonkey Mon 20-Oct-08 13:57:03

You had already decided it wasnt suitable. Sounds like your mum was trying to be helpful.

jumpingbeans Mon 20-Oct-08 13:58:05

I would be more pissed off she went in my wardrobe while I was out

pigleto Mon 20-Oct-08 13:59:24

I would want to choose. It would bug me.

LouMacca Mon 20-Oct-08 14:10:18

I think it depends on your relationship with your Mum. Is is the kind of thing she would usually do?

Agree with jb - I would be fuming if my mum went in my wardrobe while I wasn't there.

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