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to take a valium?

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Carmenere Mon 20-Oct-08 12:12:36

I am having a MRI on thursday, there is a very slim chance that I have some kind of growth in my head. Logically I know it will be ok but emotionally I am finding it hard to concentrate and I have a banging headache ALL the time, but I am presuming this is stress. My dsis thinks I should just take some valium. what do you think?

RubySlippers Mon 20-Oct-08 12:14:47

valium will calm you down but can make you feel fairly woozy afterwards

sorry to hear about this - it is very stressful waiting for any type of test

dustystar Mon 20-Oct-08 12:15:11

Do you mean take one now or when you go for the MRI? Either way i think its best if you check with your GP first. Good luck for thursday x

QuintessentialShadow Mon 20-Oct-08 12:16:06

Not sure about the Valium though.

Sorry to hear this Carm, I went through something similar 2 years ago, turned out to be a badly infected root of a tooth that was probing into my sinuses, leaking puss into my sinuses, causing sinus infections so bad it fealt like my eyes were to pop out. Trip to the dentis and antibiotics got me sorted.

Could you go get a massage to relieve some stress, and take some other painkillers for the pain?

Carmenere Mon 20-Oct-08 12:18:07

I have been prescribed .5 or even .2 (very weak anyway) diazepam in the past for anxiety attacks. And although this is not an attack I am very anxious.

QuintessentialShadow Mon 20-Oct-08 12:21:38

If it has been prescribed to you, could you try just one and see if it makes a difference?

SalLikesCoffee Mon 20-Oct-08 12:27:10

If you were prescribed it and you had someone who could help you with your dc (assuming?), I can't see what damage one could do. Maybe try the weakest one.

Could you give your gp a call first to discuss perhaps? Ours take calls between 1 and 3 if you can't get an appointment and it's relatively urgent.

MorrisZapp Mon 20-Oct-08 12:34:14

I don't know if it's appropriate in your case but generally I'd say if you have prescribed tranks in your house and you feel you need them, then take them.

I have some heavenly temazepam that I use for nights when I can't get to sleep by any other means. I thank god for science and medicine every time I take them. They are a miracle to me.

I've had a few friends look at me in worried fashion when I mention this, as though I was a drug addict, but these were prescribed by my doctor.

You could ring NHS 24 or similar for reassurance, but in general I always say if medicine can help you then that's what it's there for.

Good luck with your MRI.

MorrisZapp Mon 20-Oct-08 12:36:00

PS don't know if this helps at all but my brother had an MRI because he'd been having dizziness, loss of balance etc. He had nowt wrong with him, so I hope and assume this will be the case for you too.

motherinferior Mon 20-Oct-08 12:36:21

Jeeeeeeezlouise, Carm, didn't know about this. I am so sorry.

Would definitely take painkillers now, if not valium - I agree with the Zappster.

Carmenere Mon 20-Oct-08 12:36:59

Thanks all, I think I will. My dniece will be able to look after dd after school. I wouldn't take them if I hadn't been prescribed them but tbh I don't think I have had a more stressful situation.

KerryMumchingOnEyeballs Mon 20-Oct-08 12:37:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Carmenere Mon 20-Oct-08 12:42:44

Well logically I know it is probably nothing, however I am finding it difficult to ignore, also have had a cold and feel rotten so I am generally a bit pathetic. I have taken half of one .2 mg which is probably as much as you would get from a cup of cammomile tea but hopefully it will allow me to relax a bit.

cocoleBOO Mon 20-Oct-08 12:44:26

Wishing you luck for Thursday.

MorrisZapp Mon 20-Oct-08 12:45:01

Kerry, I know you were just joking but I must admit I do actually ask people for valium blush

I had some donated by my kind DP after he had an operation, and they were a godsend!

My friend recently hurt her back and once I'd ascertained she was OK and feeling fine, I asked if the doc had given her anything nice.

I know it's awful but the doc will only give them in very limited amounts, and quite rightly. I don't use them a lot but just having them in the house should I need them gives me a form of emotional insurance.

KerryMumchingOnEyeballs Mon 20-Oct-08 12:47:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

thesockmonsterofdoom Mon 20-Oct-08 12:50:34

hope it helps, good luck for the MRI, I have only taken diazapam once before for a bad back but it didnt make me feel strung out.

Carmenere Tue 21-Oct-08 11:09:26

Feeling fine today so far. I am going to have a bath and clean the house as those things are cathartic I findsmile

QuintessentialShadows Wed 22-Oct-08 19:17:40

Good Luck for tomorrow Carmenere! smile

expatinscotland Wed 22-Oct-08 19:21:07

i don't see the harm in taking them, tbh.

they're FOR anxiety. that's a small doseage and it's not like you're chasing them down with a vodka tonic.

docket Wed 22-Oct-08 19:26:48

YANBU. Hope all goes well.

kormAaaarrrggghhhchameleon Wed 22-Oct-08 19:32:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

roseability Wed 22-Oct-08 21:05:53

I have taken valium for anxiety. Taken sensibly and in the correct dosage you should be fine

Liffey Wed 22-Oct-08 21:47:56

I would do it. I had a real phobia about dentists ten years ago.. Hadn't been for years. Took one valium, managed it..... and now I can make myself go when I need to.

Good luck.

expatinscotland Thu 23-Oct-08 17:35:28

hope it all went well today!

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