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To expect Gap to give me a refund and to think they have gone seriously downhill?

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MilaMae Sun 19-Oct-08 23:52:30

I bought some jeans for ds( It's a nightmare getting jeans to fit him) from Gap.After the 1st wash they changed texture and had a streaked blackish appearance,the button thing was impossible to do up. I followed the care label to the letter and have had jeans of a far better quality for less than £2 in Asda.

Went in and asked for a refund as not fit for purpose,didn't have receipt as presumed at £12.50 they would survive the 1st wash. I was only offered a credit note which is no good as I have no intention of buying Gap jeans again and ds needs them now. I argued to no avail so went with 3 dc under 6 to find some, had none in my sons size bar one pair at £20 for a 5 year old!!!!!!!! Yes really shock so had to except a credit note-I want a refund,how do I stand????

I am shocked at how shoddy Gap clothes now are and the couldn't give a shit attitude. It was like a jumble sale in there nobody offered to help, heaps of clothes everywhere, limited stock. They also seemed to have stopped stocking clothes in any colour other than beige,black or white in the adults section.

Any suggestions on how I can get a refund?

nappyaddict Mon 20-Oct-08 00:06:21

I don't think you can without a receipt.

Tinkywinks Mon 20-Oct-08 00:09:34

Email head office. Tell them if they don't give you a refund you will tell everyone on here. That should scare them, a lot of the mums on here scare me anyway.

childrenofthecornsilk Mon 20-Oct-08 00:10:30

But she already has told everyone on here...

sunnydelight Mon 20-Oct-08 00:43:36

For a refund you need to provide proof of purchase, not necessarily a receipt. If you paid by card showing the transaction on your statement would do it. The trouble is that if you want to reject them as of unsatisfactory quality you need to do so within a "reasonable" time frame, obviously if they didn't survive the first wash you are entitled to reject the goods and get a refund, but with no proof of when you bought them it's only your word that they had only been washed once.

Without proof of purchase the fact that you have been given a credit note would satisfy their legal obligations to you, in fact if the jeans had been on sale at a cheaper price at any point giving you the lowest item price would suffice.

Ijskater Mon 20-Oct-08 00:47:30

Is your son a nightmare for jeans because he's thin? I have that problem. I find H&M are good. Good luck with the whole Office of Fair Trading Legal drama

dittany Mon 20-Oct-08 00:50:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

salsmum Mon 20-Oct-08 00:51:40

I think it's worth your while 'googling' The Sale of Goods Act companys usually back down when you start quoting that. grin
I too think that generally Gap have gone downhill on quality thou.

dittany Mon 20-Oct-08 00:55:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sunnydelight Mon 20-Oct-08 02:01:24

You don't need a receipt for a refund, you do need proof of purchase. I used to train the trading standards officers who gave advice on the consumer advice line in consumer law. My advice stands.

MilaMae Mon 20-Oct-08 12:56:44

Thanks al,l will try e-mailing the head office and quote the advice on here.

Yes Ij my son is skinny and has no bum wink

WilyWombat Mon 20-Oct-08 12:59:52

I always quote the sale of goods act and "fit for purpose" ive never YET found anyone who wouldnt give me a refund.

I thought everything in gap was always black/white/beige...ive always just walked in glanced around thought "boring" to myself and walked out again grin

MilaMae Mon 20-Oct-08 13:06:55

The no colour thing has been going on for months, I just don't get it years ago you could get lovely stuff in there. maybe I've just got older grin

MilaMae Mon 20-Oct-08 13:07:25

Will report back should I hear anything.

LazyLinePainterJane Mon 20-Oct-08 13:08:56

Agree with sunnydelight.

And, salsmum, unfortunately, the sale of goods act is nearly always quoted to shop staff by people who think they know the rules but don't and usually have no reason for a refund and think by shouting the odds they can get what they want. So it is a mistake to think that shop staff have a)never heard it before and b) are in any way scared of it.

fishie Mon 20-Oct-08 13:08:57

zara trousers are marvellous for the long slim boy.

mytetherisending Mon 20-Oct-08 13:13:58

Mention talking to trading standards- I reported littlewoods for their policy and they then did as I requested. i.e. send the missing slide for dds bed instead of me having to buy a new one shock and dismantle the first one and send it back hmm, which is what they wanted me to do.
Tell them you want an address to make an official complaint to the director, that normally changes their minds as well. If all else fails mention the watchdog programme because that has a good effect, no company wants bad press on TV!

LazyLinePainterJane Mon 20-Oct-08 13:18:17

But you can't just talk about trading standards if you have no right. You can't just expect to walk into a shop with no proof of purchase and get refunds willy nilly. We always used to get people coming in, all indignant "I've been to trading standards!" And I would say "oh really? where is it?" and they would just look at me. Because people seem to think that they can just get what they want by shouting, pretend that they have been to CAB, or Trading Standards or whatever.

Yes, the OP deserves a refund, but without proof of purchase there is no way for the shop to know when they were bought or whether they were even stolen. And before anyone starts, yes people do in fact, steal things and then take them back and try to get refunds on them, you would not believe it!

mytetherisending Mon 20-Oct-08 13:36:40

Oh I would believe people take stolen things back, however, with Gap the label is clearly theirs and if its a recent purchase then no doubt the trousers are still selling. They are faulty in that the dye is not fixed. A garment should be good for several washes, not one wash. When goods are faulty you have every right to speak to trading standards.

As for 'asking them where it is'- its online advice and you can question them about your particular circumstances. You don't need to know where it is!

mytetherisending Mon 20-Oct-08 13:38:55

Like others have said, get a bank statement as proof of purchase and go back. You might not get anywhere now because you have the credit note and no proof of faulty goods. In future always take some proof with you to get a refund.

LazyLinePainterJane Mon 20-Oct-08 14:01:32

yes yes yes I agree, tether. But the label saying GAP doesn't mean that it isn't stolen, or that they might not be anything other than a long selling line. I agree that if there is a fault, the customer is in the right, but a label saying GAP on is not proof of purchase.

A bank statement, credit card statement should do it. We could check the computer so if you even had just a credit card receipt with amount and time and date we could check that for you. Not all places can though.

My point about asking them where it was, was that we used to get people in on a sunday, when TS was closed and they would say "I've just come from TS", so they were obviously lying, and using it as a tool to try and get a refund. My point was that you cannot merely shout "trading standards" in lieu of an actual decent reason for a refund.

dittany Mon 20-Oct-08 18:11:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Horton Mon 20-Oct-08 18:17:00

You could have nicked them, though.

My daughter has had great jeans from H&M, about a tenner, and she is v long-legged and skinny.

hifi Mon 20-Oct-08 18:19:14

maybe you looked dodgy, thats what they give people if they think they are.grin

LazyLinePainterJane Mon 20-Oct-08 19:32:06

How can the goods be proof of purchase? I could get something second hand from someone and take it back because it had a GAP label on it. I could steal something from M&S and take it back because it was clearly Per Una? Proof of purchase is proof of payment. So a receipt, credit card statement, bank statement, even a member of staff remembering serving you, this used to happen a lot in my shop, sometimes we would remember a certain person.

lol hifi grin

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