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to want to chuck dog poo at bloke on my estate

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pud1 Sun 19-Oct-08 08:44:59

i walk my dog on the street that i live. it has houses on one side and a grassed area on the other. i ALWAYS pick up any dog mess. so i was really annoyed yesterday when a bloke who lives on the street pulled up next to me in his car and shouted " i hope you are not letting that dog shit every where". i wouldnt mind but he could clearly see that i had a bag of dog shit in my hand. i felt like chucking it at him. its not as though he saw my dog poo and me leave it or that htere is a problem with dogs shitting on this land.

McDreamy Sun 19-Oct-08 08:50:05

Do you know him? If you do I would knock on his door and asked why he felt the need to holler and swear at you from his car.

You sound like a responsible dog owner but it also sounds that there are less responsible owners in your area as you are picking up mess from other dogs as well as your own. He clearly doesn't realise this of you.

Maybe you and this chap could do something about it. Approach the council for signs, a bin - not really sure how to go about it but I would be inclined to speak to him and not let him get away with shouting at you for no reason. It's not going to achieve anything except make people want to throw dog mess at him.

pud1 Sun 19-Oct-08 08:52:20

tbh thats what i cant understand. there is not a problem with dog mess. well nto that i have noticed i have never seen any.

McDreamy Sun 19-Oct-08 08:55:14

Oh right I see. When you wrote "i ALWAYS pick up any dog mess" I read that as your dog's plus any other but reading it back you don't necessarily mean that.

Hmm not sure why he felt the need to be so abusive. Do you know him well enough to have a word?

sweetcat Sun 19-Oct-08 08:57:39

Unreasonable of him to shout at you as you are clearly a responsible poo picker upper.

But I can understand his frustration as irresponsible dog owners NEED shouting at. You should have waved the bag at him and waggled your tongue and gone Ner ner ner ner ner.

needmorecoffee Sun 19-Oct-08 09:20:05

unreasonable to shout at you but maybe he'd trodden in one crap too many and just exploded.
I counted 14 piles on the way to my mums house, all on the pavement and was narrow eyed at every dog owner I saw because I am so fed up with it.

superhero Sun 19-Oct-08 10:09:10

Methinks that you are annoyed by other things and this is the outlet. Therefoer totally reasonable to fling the poo at his car or even to save up a weeks worth and leave it on his front step.

soultaken Sun 19-Oct-08 10:13:45

Ignore the ignoramus. He was picking on you because as a women you were an easy target. I bet he's never said it to a great big burly bloke

hatwoman Sun 19-Oct-08 10:25:31

afraid it's just something you have to sigh and move on from. I've been sworn at by a cyclist for waiting (reasonably) at a roundabout. sworn at randomly for just being there (again, driving) when idiot man wanted to pull out. sworn at for telling a cyclist that the pavement was a each case I felt huge waves of anger and injustice. in each case I had done nothing wrong but some (sorry for the language) twat saw fit to use me as verbal punchbag - and when you're not the type to do this yourself or react quickly you get left with this unexpressed anger inside you and it's horrible. all you can do is tell yourself you're better than that.

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