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I know I am... but to expect SOMETHING on my birthday?

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mamadiva Fri 17-Oct-08 10:00:42

Yes as I said I know I am being a big spoilt brat but surely someone shouldv'e got me something for my birthday!!!

I am 22 today BTW

My mum has buggered off to Spain for a fortnight, my DP says hes too skint (for a card from DS even?!?) and everyone else seemsto have forgotten I have a big family and have recieved 3 bloody cards.

BlingLovin Fri 17-Oct-08 10:04:53


My birthday is normally a 2 week extravaganza and woe betide anyone who doesn't appreciate that! grin

Happy Birthday. <<Bling hands over a glass of champagne, a large cake and a cute birthday card>>

mamadiva Fri 17-Oct-08 10:08:30

Thank you blinglovin' this is how my birthday normally is, I've never had a birthday without my mum before blush.

I hope no one thinks this is totally evil thread it is kind of light hearted but I am pissed off!

BINAH Fri 17-Oct-08 10:11:13

HAPPY Birthday!

wingandprayer Fri 17-Oct-08 10:12:21

YANBU and happy birthday. DP could have made a card and a small gift even if totally skint. Poor excuse.

<<WAP inflates huge number of balloons with 22 on them and chucks party poppers about>>

SarkyandGeorge Fri 17-Oct-08 10:13:52

Happy Birthday!

I think everyone should get a little something on their birthday!

So DP is skint? I presume you were planning to eat tonight. Get him to cook it! It may only be fish and chips but it's the gesture that counts!

mamadiva Fri 17-Oct-08 10:16:24

Ooh thanks all thought I was being soo spoilt sounding but no.

Sparkyandgeorge Im sure your name is familiar I used to watch the program I think

No we cant do the eating thing Im working from 6pm tonight until 7.15 tomaorrow morning.

cantpickyourfamily Fri 17-Oct-08 10:26:00

Oh that is not nice someone could have bought you something even if it was box of chocolates.

Happy birthday!!!!!!!

You will have to make a promise to treat yourself as soon as you have any spare money... And stick to it.... wink

funnypeculiar Fri 17-Oct-08 10:28:21


.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Have a nice cup of tea & some cake for now, anyway smile

docket Fri 17-Oct-08 10:32:59

YANBU at all! Happy birthday!

Elliegant Fri 17-Oct-08 10:37:57


Hassled Fri 17-Oct-08 10:50:37

Many happy returns of the day!

mumeeee Fri 17-Oct-08 10:56:01


AuntyVi Fri 17-Oct-08 14:39:43

YANBU, and many happy returns! I am still feeling a bit miffed about my birthday last month, it was on our first day of holiday so it was great to be on holiday but it meant I kind of missed out on the whole birthday thing! Didn't get a single present on the day (only later), no phone calls as we were away, and only one card (from DH), and as it was our first day there we hadn't yet got to know anyone and I thought I would look like a bit of a saddo if I went round telling random strangers "hey, it's my birthday"! But kind of hoped DH might have planned something - a little cake at least? But no... in the end I actually forgot it was my birthday, and it was just like any other day of the holiday. Wouldn't mind but it's not the first time as we often seem to be away round that time, whereas DH always gets to have a holiday AND a birthday too. Oh well... at least we HAD a holiday... and that reminds me that I still have a "treat" to come that he promised me, will have to think of something nice to do to make up for it!

DaphneMoon Fri 17-Oct-08 14:55:24

YANBU, Your DP has been really selfish and as for your family, they can't all be skint can they!

Don't send any cards or presents to anyone who has forgotten. Why should you make the effort, they clearly haven't.

Happy Birthday.

OrmIrian Fri 17-Oct-08 14:56:39

YANBU. How sad sad

Happy Birthday anyway.

Dropdeadfred Fri 17-Oct-08 15:04:41

your DP sounds like an arse

happy birthday!

mumof2222222222222222boys Fri 17-Oct-08 15:18:49

YANBU. Skint is one thing, but he could have made some effort. I would be seriously irritated.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS DS's birthday is just before Xmas and last year we spent day in car driving...I think we'll need to be very careful in future.

hollyandnoah Fri 17-Oct-08 15:20:29


I'd have gotten you a pressie if i knew you lol!
There is still time yet though, your dp might surprise you :D xx

RubberDuck Fri 17-Oct-08 15:21:19


Personally, I would go out, buy yourself a cake, candles, champagne the works and a small birthday present from yourself. Sod the lot of them! grin

BCNS Fri 17-Oct-08 15:23:38

and happy birthday.. I sympathise.. mine is on sunday.. I will be getting exactly what you have got.. nothing ( apart from mum's pressy bless her)

I got nowt for anniversary.. and I doubt I get anything for xmas.

Libra1975 Fri 17-Oct-08 15:26:31


Happy Birthday and here is hoping your DP is planning a surprise for tonight!

flourybaps Fri 17-Oct-08 15:46:24

Poor you, YANBU at all. Your dp should have got you a little something. I'd be a bit miffed (well really pissed off if I'm honest)

Do you have brothers by any chance? My brothers always forget my birthday.... grr..

Anyway happy birthday to you, Rubberduck has the right idea get to the shops, cake and alcohol is required!

lizziemun Fri 17-Oct-08 15:51:46


It was my birthday last week and although i don't/didn't want anything dh got me a card and a card from dd's along with a bunch of flowers in total about £5.00.

Flourybaps i know what you mean about brothers my card card came on friday only 3 days late. Last year i got my birthday card and present from him at christmas grin 3 months late grin.

flourybaps Fri 17-Oct-08 15:53:17

grin Better late than never I suppose!

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