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... to request that the post man doens't bring his dog out with him on his rounds?

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SarkyandGeorge Fri 17-Oct-08 08:13:02

We get a lot of parcels delivered to our house (thanks to OH and ebay hmm) so quite often have to open the door to the postman. The past few times i've had to do it i've noticed he's got his dog with him on the lead. I havn't said anything since the dog doesn't look particularily dangerous (although you never know). Now, I have no problem with dogs and have two myself but I keep thinking what if someone is terrified of dogs? It's not exactly fair on them for the postie to be bringing one to their house every day!

Another thing i'm worried about is my dogs. They're great and would never hurt anyone but they have a habit of trying to 'play' with everyone and everything. I've even seen them dancing around like loonies with their tails wagging ready to play when a huge growling thing was trying to get at them through the fence shock! I'm worried that if they spot him they'll be out the door like a shot with me trying to hold a 4 month old baby and calm down two big bounding fools out on the street.

So... AIBU to request this of him although we havn't had a problem with it as such? Am I just worrying too much?

pipsqueak Fri 17-Oct-08 08:21:50

i think you are worryiing too much smile

FioFio Fri 17-Oct-08 08:22:53

Message withdrawn

DANCESwithLordPsGhost Fri 17-Oct-08 08:24:09

Seems a bit churlish to me. Unless it was a snarling beast I wouldn't have a problem with it.

PuppyMonkey Fri 17-Oct-08 08:28:34

It is odd, I agree.

RubyRioja Fri 17-Oct-08 09:17:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MurderousMarla Fri 17-Oct-08 09:20:14

onager Fri 17-Oct-08 09:21:32

YANBU, I would if it would be ok if he brought an elephant, three sheep and a goat? he is supposed to be working and lots of people are not just nervous, but allergic.

Also in flats like mine the dog will be inside and perhaps peeing on the carpet in the hallways

Upwind Fri 17-Oct-08 09:21:50

you are worrying too much

AbbeyA Fri 17-Oct-08 09:24:50

I can't see a problem if it is on a lead.

SarkyandGeorge Fri 17-Oct-08 09:26:49

I know that it isn't a big risk (and yes it is a little churlish) but the 'I-pay-my-taxes-This-is-my-land' stubborn part of me feels like I shouldn't have to chase down the dogs and wrestle them into the kitchen/out the back just to be able to open my own front door. Especially as being able to take your dog to work is a perk, not a privilige.

Bleh, ignore me. I'll probably be as pleased as punch to see him and his dog today when he delivers DD's door bouncer grin

BetteNoire Fri 17-Oct-08 09:27:14

"Now, I have no problem with dogs and have two myself but I keep thinking what if someone is terrified of dogs?"

If they are, then let them complain.
Leave the poor chap alone.

littleducks Fri 17-Oct-08 09:27:59

hmmm, how odd!

if i had a private front garden (which i dont) i wouldnt want anyone bringing their dog in without my express permission, but if your door opens on to the street/ a public area i suppose it isnt totally unreasonable

as you have dogs maybe he sees you as a dog lover and so thinks it is ok?

do you live in a village? cant really see this happening near me!

oh and was the dog def on a lead, not some kind of working dog, obv not a guide dog but some kind of other disability one?

southeastastra Fri 17-Oct-08 09:28:50

the post office are training dogs to do deliveries now, cost cutting and all that.

kslatts Fri 17-Oct-08 09:31:22

I wouldn't have a problem with it, he isn't harming anyone. I assume royal mail know he does it and don't have a problem with it.

MadameCastafiore Fri 17-Oct-08 09:32:41

So the problem is that your dogs are not terribly well behaved????

ErnestTheBavarian Fri 17-Oct-08 09:34:39

If he has got a dog, and does a job which involves a lot of walking, seems to make sense to bring with, don't you think?

Alternative - he leaves dog at home locked up, then is too knacker/hasn't got much time to walk it properly, after he's already been walking for hours.

YOu've already made it clear it's a well-behaved dog, so I'd say YABU to complain about it

AbbeyA Fri 17-Oct-08 09:36:22

I would much rather it was out and about with him than on its own at home. It may give a lot of pleasure to housebound people.

Lauriefairycake Fri 17-Oct-08 09:41:43

I think there are equal numbers of people who will be delighted to see a dog as one's who would be distraught.

You don't often invite a postman in to your house (I generally receive parcels on the doorstep) so the dog is not likely to come in and that means that outside is a public area.

SarkyandGeorge Fri 17-Oct-08 09:43:15

"So the problem is that your dogs are not terribly well behaved???? "

Sorry, next time i'll make sure they offer the postman and his dog a cup of tea and sit down for a calm discussion about politics next time they bring them round.

I swear, I ask a perfectly sensible question about whether people think this is acceptable of not and some posters will ignore the question and try to pick at anything the OP says, I could have easily said "I'm worried the dog will distress/provoke my sweet natured, if somewhat spirited, dogs".

Fancy having a go at me for the typo in the title now?

SarkyandGeorge Fri 17-Oct-08 09:46:02

And to all the others, thank you for the sensible responses. To be fair I havn't spoken to the postman about the dog so when he comes today i'll have a talk with him (not a go at him) and get a chance to meet the dog and find out it's temperament.

Thanks for your replies everyone x

AbbeyA Fri 17-Oct-08 09:47:04

My SIL takes her dog into a nursing home, a lot of the residents love to make a fuss of her. I am sure a dog would brighten the day for many people. If it is on a lead they don't need to have any contact if they don't like dogs.

mabanana Fri 17-Oct-08 09:49:28

I think it sounds charming. My children would adore a postman with a dog!

angrypixie Fri 17-Oct-08 09:57:36

I'm with you Mabanana

If you succeed in getting him fired or forced to leave his dog at home I'll lobby to get him on my route grin

And yes, YABU

monkeymonkeymonkey Fri 17-Oct-08 09:59:45

If the dog is on a lead then I think it is fine. With regard to the risk issues that you mention (people with allergies etc) then this doesnt really sound any different to someone walking along the pavement with a dog on a lead, and plenty of people do that.

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