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To say no to dd1 when she asks......

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LoveMyGirls Thu 16-Oct-08 16:18:33

If her friend can send her project via msn for me to print out? I've hardly got any ink and I'm broke. I think surely she must have family who can help out instead? Dd1 thinks i'm BU.

ANTagony Thu 16-Oct-08 16:20:37

Its free to print out at most libraries - is there one near by she could get access to?

No your not being unreasonable my budget is tight and the kids have to accept things cost money.

Flamesparrow Thu 16-Oct-08 16:21:29


LoveMyGirls Thu 16-Oct-08 16:22:06

project doesn't have to be until december and yes theres a library in town.

MKG Thu 16-Oct-08 16:37:07

Couldn't she just e-mail it to the teacher? Why waste the paper.

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