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smartiejacktheripper Mon 13-Oct-08 19:24:41

Ok ok I know what you are all going to say especially the teachers amongst you.

My DD (aged 10 and not a PFB)) auditioned for a part in her school play (Dick Whittington). She practised the audition piece for ages and learned it off by heart. I know she's my DD but she was really good (I do actually know what I am talking about as I have been involved in the production of many school plays over the last 20 years.)

All her teachers told her she was really good. Some of the mum helpers have told me she was fantastic. The other children who auditioned did not learn the part but read it off the script.

Her teacher told me at a parent teacher meeting today(and I quote) "she was so good... one of the best."

DD found out today that she has been given the part of... her teacher. (hmm don't remember a teacher in the story of Dick Whittington.)

Here's the best bit

Why was she given that part? Because her glasses are very similar to her teacher's and she has been teased for being a "Mini Mrs Teacher" ever since she got them.(Actually they're really nice with black rims and wide red sides.) She feels she has been given over for a different part purely on the basis of appearance.

And of course all the best parts have gone to the usual teachers' pets.

Sorry have now slapped myself round the face hard and shouted "LISTEN TO YOURSELF WOMAN!"

I am a teacher. I know exactly what I would think if a parent came and ranted at me for something like this. I'm sure I would be the laughing stock of the staffroom.

I wouldn't dream of going in and complaining but just SOOOO angry

Thanks for listening!grin

smartiejacktheripper Mon 13-Oct-08 19:28:16

ignore this one -I was so insensed actually managed to post my op twicegrin

AbbeyA Mon 13-Oct-08 19:47:13

I can sympathise, but as you realise there is nothing you can do.
I am still annoyed about a play when I was 12yrs old. I was desperate for one particular part that I could have done well, it was a comedy part. The teacher cast me in a part that I didn't even ask to do because it was very similar to the real me. I didn't want the part at all.
My middle DS was always a dancer in plays, not that he is particularly good-just better than a lot of boys.

HeliumBee Thu 16-Oct-08 21:27:47

ARGH!! THAT is soooo annoying!! I feel for you I can totally sympathise - I nwould take a couple of courses of action:
1. make a very pointed comment at least once during the nxt parents evening - based around how talents are not simply based on appearance
2. Change your daughters glasses..??!!
3. Help your daughter with her role so that she becomes a show-stealer - OK so she looks like the teacher in question with these glasses - well think about any mannerisms this teacher has - and parody them!!!!

HTH - (I also got the boring narrator type roles when I'd have been better at doing other stuff - it was frustrating but by looking for ways to enhance my own role it worked out quite well!!)

smartiejake Thu 16-Oct-08 22:05:47

You must have read my mind. I have told her she must stalk her teacher at every opportunity and note down all her mannerisms!

Not changing her glasses though she loves them and so do all the girls in her class (one of them even got the same pair with clear lenses in!) It tends to be the boys who tease her (some of them are just foul.)

There are more posts on the other thread as I accidently posted the opening post twice!

stickybun Fri 17-Oct-08 00:52:24

Explain nicely that it's probably been done to 'encourage' someone - she's obviously shown she can do it standing on her head so perhaps the people that did the picking didn't think she needed encouraging in this way. then do a fab parody of aforementioned 'Miss'

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