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to be totallly farked of with twunt of a DH?

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mamalovesmambo Sat 11-Oct-08 23:17:20

I am so angry he had to do exams last week so farked off to Dorset and proceeded to tell me what a fucking lovely place he was staying in. We have been away togther
once in the 8 years we have been together. I said a few months ago as I work FT too that I could book some time off and come and hang out with him and bing DD - BUT OH NO, I will have so much course work to do - HOWEVER - he left on a Sunday lunch time. On the Friday I had such a bad asthma attack I thought I was going to die - I have a nebuliser at home for emergencies. I went straight upstairs and plugged myself in. He then came up after me and said - I CANNOT JEOPORDISE MY JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!shock "why did you not go to doctors earlier when you said you were feeling unwell". TWUNT of the highest order. THEN many thngs have happened since, but today DD woke up and came downstairs at 7.30am. All of this week I have been unable to go to work as they keep sending me home. I am short of breath etc, have flu and really unwell. He is the first to tell me - THEY are taking the piss but I have had to ASK HIM to change her bum, have done 2 loads of washing, vacuumed t6he floors, mopped the floors, disinfected the bathrooms, put warm clothes on her and then after his marathon sleep, he gets farked of with me, haing a V&C he starts on me just because I have a drink on a saturday!!!! I have looked after my DD all day, despite being dizzy, disorientated and ILL. i HAVE TAKEN HER FOR 2 WALKS AND TREATED HER TO A SUGAR FREE LOLLY. WHAT HAS HE DONE????? there are so many things I could go on about but the site is not big enough. Funny how he does not complain if I come on to him after a Vodka or 2. It is DD's 2nd bday on MOnday and the twunt has bought her a Liverpool home kit sad

mumtomilkmonster Sat 11-Oct-08 23:25:07

Sympathise with you completely, theyall seem to thiunk they do loads and are doing us a favour if they change 1 nappy (after we've asked).

On a positive note, at least it's a liverpool kit, it could have been worse wink

mamalovesmambo Sat 11-Oct-08 23:29:54

grrrrrr mumto! grin

JacobsPrincessOfDarkness Sat 11-Oct-08 23:36:04

My DH has had OFSTED in school this week, so he's been a bit stressed and it has aggrevated his IBS. However, I've got a stinking cold and it's given me an asthma attack. So despite having only 2 hours sleep last night (what with not being able to breathe and having a 12 week old baby who thinks 3.30am is playtime) he is the one who slopes off for a nap this afternoon! Grr!
I even had to take myself to the hospital for steroids because he wouldn't get out of his pj's.
Men! Grr!

Dropdeadfred Sat 11-Oct-08 23:41:08

SERIOUSLY - I just COULD NOT be with someone who who treat me like that whilst ill

BitOfFungusthebogeyman Sat 11-Oct-08 23:44:44

agree, it's horrid behaviour. Can't see the problem with the Liverpool kit tho ...

mamalovesmambo Sat 11-Oct-08 23:46:50

Girls - He has done SOOOOOOOOOOO much more to me- but because of my shit upbringing and because I am half foreign I have become used to men treating me like a slave. They think women from my neck of the woods will clean, cook and die at their command. Girls, I tried to kill myself 2 weeks ago and I still have the deep scars and wretching when seeing paracetomotol. My Gp is a unsympathetic. There is no support out there.

mamalovesmambo Sat 11-Oct-08 23:48:49

drop dead fred - I am ynow

JacobsPrincessOfDarkness Sat 11-Oct-08 23:56:20

Go back to GP, or try and see someone else. Don't try to kill yourself - you are worth so much more than that.
My DH is not a twunt really, just having a tough week. Your man doesn't appreciate you.

mamalovesmambo Sun 12-Oct-08 00:02:42

thank you jacobs - no one has ever put this into perspective. It is a confidence abuse of sorts - after 11 years of something else feel like I am being attacked from every possible physical and mental angle.I am a victim but WHATEVER!!! No one wants to help, no one to listen no one to get involved in my intense past yet I relive it every farkin day. Sorry I am 35 next Saturday and things are really taking their toll. Wish I could take DD and go to paradise.

ladymariner Sun 12-Oct-08 00:07:31

Whoa there, mama, not sure really what to say here other than repeat what jacobs advised, but really worried at your last sentence. Paradise???

JacobsPrincessOfDarkness Sun 12-Oct-08 00:10:36

Will he "calm down" when exams are over?
I understand how hard it is to work and bring up children and run a household. Something always has to be compromised, but don't let it be you! Or your self-esteem!
Only do one load of washing. sweep the floors, but don't wash them etc. Take time for you and your daughter, and try and ake time for you as a family. Explain to DH/DP that ypu need time, and that things are getting on top of you. Asthma is knackering isn't it - non sufferers don't understand how tired it makes you. Get yourself better. smile

mamalovesmambo Sun 12-Oct-08 00:45:51

jACOBS- there is far too much detail to go into to explain. My so called father was an evil manipulative control freak, he made me pee myself at the age of 18 because I was so scared of him.

When we got maried I was 6m pg - he got pissed before the speeches!!!!! Soomeone got him on camera off his trolley at our first dance and grabbing my hair and pulling down to his dick after - mmmm class. OH BUT WHEN WE GO TO HIS FUCKING COUSINS WEDDING 3 WEEKS LATER HE FLIRTED WITH EVERY VAGINA ON LEGS AND SLOW DANCED WITH HIS FARKIN MOTHER. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh I so want to walk out right now. he has got us into debt, mortgage arrears and god knows what else, i.e he used MY credit card number to wank over interactive asian girls on internet. charmer. I had to take the risk of claiming fruadukent use of vard - fucking cunt used 800 pounds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How much wanking can 1 loser do?> I am never get over this, esp. as phone and net are back on./

MsPontipine Sun 12-Oct-08 01:03:14

Ditch the loser honey hugs]]]]]]

MsPontipine Sun 12-Oct-08 01:04:14

{{{{{{{{{{{ huge hugs }}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

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